couple practicing habits of grateful people

3 Habits of Grateful People

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it’s a perfect time to take a look at how gratitude can play a positive role in your life – even after the leftovers are eaten and the family china is packed away. Being thankful for little things or “having an attitude of gratitude” has been touted by…

couple works to become better listeners

How to Become a Better Listener

Now that you’re in recovery, you have an incredible opportunity to make things right in your life, including repairing any relationships that may have been neglected during your addiction. A good starting point is to learn how to be an active listener. This simple yet overlooked skill will help you build rapport, understanding, and trust…

smart snacking in recovery for health

Smart Snacking for Better Recovery

Healthy snacking isn’t just smart, it’s also an essential part of your recovery plan. After all, proper nutrition is key to healing your body and mind from the damage of addiction. And staying properly nourished throughout the day will give you more energy and focus to complete recovery tasks and distinguish hunger cues from cravings.…

the willows at red oak recovery 320 x 131

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery Expands

Red Oak Recovery, a leading trauma Informed substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment facility for young adults, announces the expansion of our gender separate women’s program, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery This expansion will allows us to serve 18 women on a completely separate 38 acre campus located 25 minutes outside of downtown Asheville,…

man having quiet time

Why Quiet Time Counts

Once you’ve completed detox and the early stages of recovery, you may find yourself trying to fill your schedule with an activity, volunteer opportunity, or social engagement. After all, the saying goes: “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Right?While it’s true that keeping busy can serve as a healthy distraction from your addictive ways —…

man in need for his mental health

Mental Health: Not a Dirty Word

In honor of World Mental Health Day on Monday, October 10, advocates, celebrities, and even royals spoke up to stop the stigma surrounding mental illness. Perhaps one of the most poignant quotes from the day was from Prince William, who along with Princess Kate and Prince Harry, attended an event hosted by Heads Together, the…

group learning from recovery

Real-life Lessons from Recovery

While there’s no such thing as a “do-over” button in life, there is a silver lining to some bad experiences. Mainly, you can use what you’ve learned to help others navigate a rough patch. A recent article published by the grassroots organization Collective Evolution asked a handful of people in recovery to share their best…

two individuals in gestalt therapy

Getting to the Basics of Gestalt Therapy

What is gestalt therapy and will it work for you? Developed in the 1940s by Frederick “Fritz” Perls and collaborators Laura Perls and Paul Goodman as an alternative to conventional psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy has been used today to successfully treat a host of addiction disorders and mental illnesses, including substance use disorder, sex addiction, compulsive…

girls selfie shows addiction

Selfie Shows Face of Addiction

A woman’s recent selfie on Reddit is sending a very real message about the harmful effects of drugs on your skin and the positive transformations that can occur from getting sober. She posted two photos – shot 826 days apart – of herself while using heroin and then in recovery. The result: a dramatic improvement…