man ponders the types of depression that he could be suffering from

Common Types of Depression

Depression and addiction can often occur together in the same person. Successfully treating both conditions requires a good understanding of what each process entails. An individual must understand what depression is and how to manage the common types of depression. Without this knowledge, it can be almost impossible to function normally. Explaining Clinical Depression Clinical…

woman in need of depression treatment centers North Carolina

Depression Treatment Centers North Carolina

Depression and addiction go hand in hand. Therapists call it a dual diagnosis. You can’t treat one without also caring for the other. Here’s what you need to know about the young adult addiction and depression treatment centers North Carolina talks about. Understanding the Connection between Depression and Addiction Depression is far more severe than…

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What Is Psychotherapy in Addiction Treatment?

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that requires substantial substance abuse treatment. One of the most common approaches includes mental health treatment. Exactly what is psychotherapy? And how can it benefit you when you struggle with a substance abuse problem? What is Psychotherapy in Addiction Treatment? When working with people who struggle with chemical dependency…