a man practices holistic healing in north carolina

How Holistic Healing in NC Is Different from Other Treatment

What do you picture when we say holistic healing is addiction treatment? Did you think of a professional helping clients take care of their mental, physical, and spiritual health? If so, you’d be correct. Holistic healing differs from other addiction treatment programs. Therefore, before enrolling in one of these programs, you should know what sets…

a young man is happy to have found wilderness therapy in north carolina

Finding Wilderness Therapy for Addiction in NC

Recovery doesn’t have to be boring. With the wilderness therapy program offered here at Red Oak Recovery, recovery is possible, making addiction treatment engaging and enjoyable for clients. The goal of wilderness therapy is to allow our clients to connect with the environment in a positive way. This promotes physical and mental health growth and…

young adult mental health is a priority for this man

Keep Your Mental Health in Mind Amid a Return to Post-Pandemic Life

It’s been well over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic caused lockdowns nationwide and took the lives of thousands. However, things are finally starting to return to the way they once were. Today, vaccines are being administered, and restrictions are being lifted. As a result, people are finally free to go out, travel, and be…

the cityscape represents anxiety treatment in north carolina

Anxiety Treatment Program Near Concord, NC

Anxiety is a widespread mental health condition among young people, yet many go without treatment. Young men especially tend to ignore the symptoms of anxiety, which can often make it worse. Finding the right anxiety treatment program for your needs can help free you from the hold anxiety has on your life. For anxiety treatment…

a person chooses individual counseling in north carolina

Choosing an Individual Counseling Program in NC

From the late teens through the twenties, the period of young adulthood is a time filled with significant changes. Many young adults are moving out of the family home for the first time and taking on financial responsibilities and full-time employment. Life changes, whether good or bad, can provoke anxiety and stress. Individual counseling can…

someone is happy to find young adult rehab north carolina

Where to Find a Rehab for Young Adults in North Carolina

The challenges of being a young adult today can make life stressful and overwhelming at times. Without the proper support and coping skills, many young adults can suffer from mental health conditions and a higher risk of substance use disorder. Thankfully, there are young adult rehab programs explicitly designed for the needs of this life…

a man contemplates the differed types of addictions

Common Types of Addiction

When most people think about the different types of addiction, they usually imagine substance use disorders. Often, people forget about addictions to gambling, shopping, online activities, and other behavioral addictions. Other than substance use, individuals can also develop an addiction to these kinds of behaviors. At Red Oak Recovery, we’re committed to providing addiction treatment…

a pair benefits from nutritional therapy for addiction

3 Benefits of Nutritional Therapy for Addiction

While recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, one may overlook the importance of diet. Over time, drug and alcohol addiction can be rough on your mind and body, leading to a multitude of health problems. Nutritional therapy can help you heal from the damage that alcohol or drug use has done. At Red Oak Recovery,…

a man deals with his grief and addiction

How to Deal With Grief and Addiction

The majority of Americans experience a major loss in any given year, with some experiencing complicated grief, a more intense form of grief that leaves them feeling hopeless and at high risk for substance use. Sadly, many of these people do not receive the grief counseling they so desperately need. At Red Oak Recovery, we…