avoidant personality disorder vs social anxiety

Avoidant Personality Disorder Vs Social Anxiety: The Difference Matters

It’s not surprising that many medical and behavioral health conditions exist that have overlapping symptoms. Often, this leads to the wrong self-diagnosis. While this may be harmless in some cases, in others like avoidant personality disorder or social anxiety, it may significantly hinder treatment. Something severe could go unaddressed regardless of the diagnosis. Here’s the real…

core values to guide recovery

Examining Core Values to Guide Recovery

When working through a 12-step program for drug and alcohol treatment in North Carolina, core values to guide recovery are necessities. Learning to lose old, negative patterns of thinking and re-learning how to trust and lean on others are both keys to success. If you’re a young adult who is struggling with substance use disorder in or near…

a doctor sending a patient to Morgantown WV drug rehab centers

Are Morgantown, WV Drug Rehab Centers the Only Option?

As you scour the web for Morgantown WV drug rehab centers to meet your needs, consider why you want a local rehab. Do you really need to limit yourself to the quality and few options your region offers? Why not consider nearby treatment that offers more, in terms of treatment options and a better chance…

woman sits and thinks about her adderall addiction symptoms

Common Adderall Addiction Symptoms

A doctor might prescribe Adderall for you if you’re struggling with ADHD or narcolepsy. In fact, it’s an effective prescription amphetamine. In contrast, it’s a subject of substance abuse on college campuses and beyond. What are Adderall addiction symptoms, and how can you get help from an Adderall addition treatment program in North Carolina?  How…

a doctor at Glenelg MD drug rehab centers

Will Glen Easton Wv Drug Rehab Centers Have What I Need?

Everyone wants to get rehab right the first time. But rarely does this happen, when people suffering with addiction stick close to home for treatment. This proves why considering treatment beyond Glen Easton WV drug rehab centers is a smart move. Another issue of looking locally for treatment is the absence of high-quality programs for…