Professional Development Training Newsletter

Professional Development Training What is behind building a great team? Education? Training? Experience? Our Admissions Department believes that all of the methods listed above are extremely vital in creating an outstanding Admissions team, and in order to dig deeper into how to provide better services to clients seeking treatment, Red Oak Recovery welcomed Scott D.…

a man holds a mask over his face as he thinks about epidemic vs pandemic

The Real Difference Between Epidemic vs. Pandemic

There’s a reason people take words like epidemic vs. pandemic seriously. Both represent a significant number of people getting sick and dying. They sound similar. But there are some key differences. If you need treatment for a substance use disorder, contact Red Oak Recovery today.  What Is an Epidemic vs. Pandemic? The World Health Organization (WHO)…

a man flexes as he considers alternatives to a men's heroin rehab program in bergen nj

Alternatives to a Men’s Heroin Rehab Program in Bergen, NJ

The time has come to get treatment for your heroin addiction. You’ve been considering a men’s heroin rehab program in Bergen, NJ. However, you find yourself hesitating. Is this program the right one for me, you wonder?  There’s a lot to be said for attending an out of state heroin addiction program. If you’re considering…