a man lies on the grass and considers how to choose the right addiction treatment

How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment

In the U.S., many young adults have a substance abuse disorder (SUD). Around four percent of Americans are abusing prescription painkillers. Additionally, more have developed an alcohol disorder. The need for addiction treatment are many. So knowing how to choose the right addiction treatment is vital to your healing and recovery. To learn more, contact our…

a man thinks about alternatives to mens drug addiction treatment program in richmond va

Men’s Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Richmond, VA and Other Options

The pain of addiction destroys health, families, and happiness. But through the support of a men’s drug addiction treatment program for Richmond, VA residents, you can begin to put the pieces back together and create the life story you want to live. At Red Oak Recovery, we offer a wide range of treatment options. To…

a man thinks about the signs you need addiction treatment

7 Telltale Signs You Need Addiction Treatment

Close to ten percent of the American population struggles with a substance abuse disorder (SUD). But sadly, the report showed a gap between those who need help and those who seek treatment. Are you ignoring these signs you need addiction treatment? If you discover that you struggle with an addiction, it’s time to contact our…

a man considers alternatives to a mens alcohol addiction rehab program Arlington VA

Alternatives to a Men’s Alcohol Addiction Rehab Program in Arlington, VA

Are you suffering from alcohol addiction in VA? Then you likely have many casualties, including your family, finances, career, and health. So if you’re ready to make a change, find out why a men’s alcohol addiction rehab program for Arlington, VA residents is your best option. For many, an out of state program is the…

a man drinks alcohol and thinks about underestimating alcohol consumption

Are You Underestimating Alcohol Consumption?

Many people are underestimating alcohol consumption. In fact, ordinary people often think they drink around 33% less than they do in reality. Failing to recognize how much you drink gives a false sense of confidence in your ability to consume alcohol safely. But that alcohol that you think you’re not consuming is still negatively impacting…

a man drinks and considers depression and alcoholism

The Surprising Link Between Depression and Alcoholism

Have you ever heard the phrase “drinking down my sorrows”? Maybe you’ve said it yourself. When you feel down, alcohol may indeed temporarily lift your spirits or numb you to your troubles. But there’s a link between your depression and alcoholism you need to know about as you consider your treatment options. If you struggle…

a young man smiles as he thinks about alternatives to mens alcohol addiction treatment program in fairfax va

Men’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program in Fairfax, VA and Alternatives

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the weight of addiction? Is it impacting your finances, relationships, and health? Red Oak Recovery offers alternatives to a men’s alcohol addiction treatment program for Fairfax, VA residents. Here you get the support you need to begin reclaiming your life and living well. To learn more about our men’s treatment…