Overcoming addiction is never easy. But you can do it with help from the right rehab program. You simply need an array of therapies and treatments, particularly relapse prevention therapy (RPT). RPT helps you prevent relapse long before you reach for your substance of choice. As one option among numerous addiction treatment programs offered at Red Oak Recovery in Leicester, NC, this therapy enables you to forge a clear path for lasting recovery.

About Relapse Prevention Therapy

man completing relapse prevention therapyAnyone who fights their own addiction knows it is a difficult battle. But you can overcome this battle if you build an arsenal of relapse prevention skills. These skills help you maintain your hard-won sobriety, even after long-term addiction. Once rehab treatment ends and you go back to your home environment, you use these skills on a daily basis.

RPT is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). It helps people just like you stay successful in recovery after finishing their rehab program. This therapy helps you understand, foresee, and manage your relapse risks and potential. Originally created as part of aftercare, RPT now plays a major role in quality rehab treatment programs.

Whether your attempt at ending your substance use is your first or you have gone down this road many times before, relapse prevention skills hold the keys to your recovery. Once you understand the importance of knowing and using these skills, you can master your own recovery.

Relapse rates after drug or alcohol treatment are high. But through relapse prevention therapy, you can change your life for good.

Brief History of RPT

Relapse prevention methods started over 40 years ago. Two therapists treating alcohol dependence developed the therapy as part of their work at the University of Washington’s Addictive Behaviors Research Center. Other therapists later used these methods to develop other ways of preventing relapse. Which method your rehab treatment program uses matters less than whether the relapse prevention works.

Many studies center on whether RPT works. These studies, from the U.S., Canada, and Scotland, show your skills work when you apply the methods to your own life.

Rules of Relapse Prevention Therapy

Specific rules about preventing relapse prove true time and again. These rules guide you for the use of the skills you learn in RPT. According to research, the longer abstinence remains, the more confidence you have in your future abstinence. Your sense of competence also grows after rehab treatment, but a high-risk situation makes you feel vulnerable. Finally, in feeling vulnerable, you stop feeling as confident about your recovery and run a higher risk of relapse.

Everyday high-risk situations leading you to relapse include negative emotional states, pressure from peers or others to drink or use drugs, relationship conflicts, and absence of good coping skills. From these realities of recovery, methods of preventing relapse were born.

Also based on these rules, your relapse prevention therapy focuses on specific needs. These three needs include:

  • Coping skills training
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy interventions
  • Behavioral techniques and lifestyle changes

Men’s Relapse Prevention and Addiction Recovery in Asheville, NC

Men seeking lasting recovery through relapse prevention therapy and other methods turn to Asheville, NC for addiction treatment programs at Red Oak Recovery. Red Oak Recovery provides an array of therapies, education, and treatments, including:

  • Partial hospitalization and outpatient rehab treatment
  • Hybrid approach with wilderness and outdoor focus
  • Experiential, clinical and organic methods as eco-therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Addiction counseling

If you or a man you love needs addiction rehab for the right relapse prevention therapy and skills, Red Oak Recovery awaits. At Red Oak, you can build a solid foundation for lasting sobriety. Contact Red Oak Recovery now at 828.382.9699.