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Family Therapy Program

At Red Oak Recovery®, we believe in treating the family system with the same compassion and care as those participating in addiction treatment programs.

an older parent and younger man shake hands in a family therapy programRed Oak Recovery® provides family members and parents with support, resources, and therapy programs. Through a family therapy program, you can gain understanding and peace of mind during your loved one’s recovery.

The family’s role in recovery is vital to success and growth. However, it is common for family members to struggle with uncomfortable feelings, fear, and anxiety during the recovery process of a loved one. A family therapy program can provide comfort, stability, and support to help everyone on the journey toward wellness.

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Significance of the Family System

At Red Oak Recovery®, we believe in treating the family system with the same compassion and care as those participating in addiction treatment programs. Family members will have a licensed therapist guide them during family counseling program sessions. Depending on the family system’s needs, families will have weekly educational webinars, phone sessions with their therapist, and possibly assignments. The engagement of the entire family is crucial in creating a healthy, functioning family system to support your loved one in early recovery.

How Does Family Therapy Help?

During addiction, families get wounded by failed promises, broken relationships, and financial worries. Family counseling helps heal the wounds. Red Oak Recovery® offers a family program that is unique, informative, and comforting. Throughout a loved one’s recovery, different emotions and feelings will arise. We’ll give you the setting to address those emotions and advance in acceptance and encouragement.

A family is the most extensive support network anyone can have, so it is essential to create the best environment for family members to show their support. By understanding past problems, you can begin your journey of reconnection and growth.

What Is a Family Therapy Program?

A family treatment program is a therapeutic approach to strengthening a family during recovery. This helps ensure that your loved one can grow and live without drugs or alcohol.

Our Red Oak Recovery® family program will help you cope with the challenges of rehabilitation for the whole family. No parent wants to see their child struggle with addiction, and it’s vital to address any concerns and emotional distress during the process. We encourage families to be present instead of disconnecting during rehab.

Furthermore, some family members can inadvertently enable their loved ones through behavioral patterns. This can confuse you, and you may wonder, “What am I supposed to do?” This has become a common issue at addiction rehab, but we’ll give you the resources to make family adjustments that will make a huge difference.

Young adults are transitioning into individualization and separation from their parents. Allowing your child to embark on their journey is significant in treatment success at our young adult rehab programs.

We offer unique treatments, programs, and therapies to appeal to your uniqueness. We have many options to help, including the following:

  • 12-step addiction recovery
  • Adventure therapy
  • Culinary and nutritional arts
  • Holistic services
  • Eating disorder treatment

Addiction recovery is not just about stopping using drugs or alcohol but also about learning how to live life fully.

The Role of Family Counseling in Treatment

Family counseling plays an integral role throughout the treatment process. Unfortunately, the disease not only affects the user but everyone around them. Therefore, it damages relationships and strains the entire family unit.

For instance, your loved ones may have unwittingly been keeping you afloat during your substance use. Perhaps you lied and said you needed the money for food or rent. Alternatively, you may have been stealing the money. Both actions harm your relationship with the people who love you. In some cases, your loved one will willingly continue to help you, enabling you to continue using drugs or alcohol. However, some family members may have cut you out of their lives entirely due to this strain. This action was likely not easy for any of the parties involved. Through family therapy, you can begin the healing process.

Approaches to Family Counseling

There are a few principal approaches to family therapy. Not every family experiences substance use, trauma, and mental health issues in the same way. Behavior therapies are the most common because they change negative behaviors. For example, the matrix model uses diverse therapy methods, including motivational enhancement and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Some family counselors use community reinforcement as well.

Although these programs take different paths, the overall objective is the same. Families learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses, solve problems, and healthily express their emotions. They work to overcome unhealthy interactions and patterns to achieve personal family goals.

Importance of Family Therapy in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

One place where family therapy can be beneficial is in dual diagnosis treatment. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in 2018, an estimated 38.4 million Americans struggled with mental health conditions. Of that number, about 9.2 million Americans battled both mental health conditions and addiction. Patients who struggle with both addiction and mental health issues can benefit from dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment provides strategies to manage symptoms of mental health issues and includes addiction treatment.

Family members need to get involved in dual diagnosis treatment. Through this treatment, they’ll learn about the symptoms that you experience on a day-to-day basis. They’ll also discover how they can help you so that you do not relapse after treatment. Most importantly, they’ll learn to recognize when the symptoms are worsening so they can encourage you to take immediate action.

Importance of Family Counseling in Trauma Therapy

Millions of people who seek addiction treatment also suffer from the effects of trauma. Psychiatrists define trauma as an experience that produces psychological pain or injury, but in reality, this term can refer to any event that your brain can’t process properly. Because of this failure, your mind is unable to move forward, which can lead many people to use drugs or alcohol to cope with the memories.

Traumatic experiences can range from physical or sexual abuse to experiencing a vehicular crash to living in a war zone. Unfortunately, something traumatic to you may not be traumatic to someone close to you. As a result, even if your family members endured the same experience, they may not have the same response. During family therapy, however, you can help them understand what you’re struggling with and begin the healing process together.

Call Red Oak Recovery® to Enroll in Family Therapy

Red Oak Recovery® commits to everyone in the family during the rehabilitation process. We believe it would be a disservice only to treat the addicted person and not the family. Everyone will experience this transition to sobriety differently, so connecting as a family and showing support has various benefits.

Are you ready to help your loved one on a path to sobriety and success? Join us at Red Oak Recovery® to begin the journey. For enrollment and more information about family therapy, contact us today at 828.382.9699 or message us online.