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Anxiety Treatment Program

At our anxiety treatment center for young men, clients can get a diagnosis and figure out the best treatment options for their needs.

a young man smiles after enrolling in an anxiety treatment programIf you or a loved one has anxiety, you know just how hard it may be to live with them. Even simple tasks like going to a party or taking a test can seem impossibly challenging. Through the help of an anxiety treatment program, young men can combat their anxiety symptoms and take charge of their lives again. To learn more about young men’s mental health treatment in North Carolina at Red Oak, call us today at 828.382.9699.

What Is Anxiety?

At Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina, clients can learn more about what anxiety is and the potential causes. There are many different causes of anxiety. In addition, there are different variations of anxiety disorders. Many people with anxiety have co-occurring illnesses like substance use disorders, depression, and other conditions.

Treating anxiety is sometimes complicated because of relationship issues, physical ailments, and environmental stressors. As a result, Red Oak tailors each treatment program to the individual client’s unique needs. It takes time for treatment to actually work, so it is important that clients continue treatment and not become discouraged if they do not see results immediately.

What Are the Symptoms of Anxiety?

Someone may need anxiety rehab if they have stress that is more than it should be for a specific event. The individual may be unable to ignore their feelings of irritability and restlessness. Someone who has anxiety may also have problems concentrating or ignoring unwanted thoughts. Also, they may experience hypervigilance and racing thoughts.

When someone has anxiety, they often experience things like excessive worries, nausea, or fear. They may suffer from sweating, fatigue, or heart palpitations. The individual may also have a feeling of impending doom that is impossible to shake.

Does Anxiety Treatment in Asheville, NC Help?

Whether someone needs psychotherapy or a family therapy program in North Carolina, there are many options available. With anxiety rehab, clients get highly specialized, intensive care for their condition. They can get one-on-one counseling and group support during the treatment process. If the individual has co-occurring conditions like substance use disorders, they can get help at the same time.

We pair clients with experienced doctors and anxiety specialists. As a result, young men can gain confidence through regular exposure to their anxiety triggers. Since they are in a safe, supportive environment, they can handle the exposure therapy without worrying too much about it.

How Anxiety Treatment for Young Men Works

At Red Oak, clients can discover different ways to manage or treat their anxiety. Some treatments, like relaxation techniques, can even work at home. Individuals can try using deep breathing techniques, yoga, long baths, and meditation to help. Stress management, exercises, and a support network are also useful techniques for long-term anxiety management.

Many clients benefit from counseling and therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) helps people identify and transform harmful thought patterns. Since these thoughts trigger anxiety, CBT can essentially remove the cause of the individual’s distorted thinking and troublesome feelings. Meanwhile, psychotherapy can help clients learn potential coping mechanisms and how to avoid anxiety triggers.

After the original addiction therapy programs end, clients still need to attend group meetings, create a relapse prevention plan, and participate in aftercare programs.

Some people recover best by taking medications for anxiety. The most common options include anti-depressants, tricyclics, and benzodiazepines. While medication does not work for everyone, it can help

Discover What an Anxiety Treatment Program in North Carolina Has to Offer

At our anxiety treatment center for young men, clients can get a diagnosis and figure out the best treatment options for their needs. Our young adult rehab program includes options for mental illnesses like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression. By treating substance use disorders and mental illnesses at the same time, clients can boost the odds that they will achieve a successful recovery.

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Gender-specific programming
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Wilderness therapy

If you or a loved one suffers from debilitating addictions or mental illnesses, a substance use and anxiety treatment center can help. Through Red Oak Recovery®, you can begin your journey toward a better life. Discover more about how we can support your journey by calling us at 828.382.9699 or contacting us online today.