At Red Oak Recovery, our men’s program is an owner-operated, clinician-run treatment program located in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains, just north of Asheville N.C. Our women’s program, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery, is located just south of Asheville on a beautiful and serene rolling landscape. Our owners oversee day-to-day operations and have their input on all strategic decisions. The leadership and management team have years of experience in integrating experiential education, substance abuse, and mental health treatment. They have previously developed several highly successful and productive cutting-edge behavior in healthcare and substance abuse treatment programs. Learn more about Red Oak Recovery today when you call our North Carolina treatment center at 866.457.7590.

About Red Oak Recovery

Red Oak Recovery is the result of their extensive experience and research for developing highly effective programming to create a foundation for long-term recovery for young adults. Our addiction treatment programs use a unique blend of:

With our exclusive focus on young adults, we are the only program of its kind in the country. All our time, energy, talent, and resources are directed at the emotional and developmental needs of young men and women. It is our mission to help our clients find success in their lives without the use of alcohol and drugs and to heal the wounds of trauma.

Our Core Values: Service, Excellence, Integrity, Humility, Compassion

Vision Statement: To provide the highest quality trauma-focused comprehensive clinical care to the individuals and families we serve.

Mission Statement: We provide individualized, person-centered substance abuse, trauma, and co-occurring mental health treatment to young adults and their families. Utilizing a sophisticated multi-dimensional trauma-focused model that incorporates evidenced-based integrative clinical modalities, our team supports clients in creating the foundation for sustained recovery and a healthy relationship to self and others.

Benefits of Clinician-Run Treatment

One key benefit of coming to Red Oak Recovery is that our treatment center is that we are clinician-run. In other words, every person who works at Red Oak Recovery, from our leadership team to our treatment team is a clinician. Unlike other treatment centers, we aren’t run by businessmen. Our staff members have been studying substance use and its treatment options for years, allowing us to become experts in our field. As such, we can provide the best possible treatment options tailored to your unique needs.

Tailored treatment options are the best possible course of treatment. We can address the challenges that you come up against in your recovery. We also offer a combination of evidence-based and holistic treatment options. Our therapeutic treatment options include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Family therapy

Our clinicians specialize in addressing the unique needs of those who are battling substance abuse. With our help, you can gain the coping mechanisms you need to stay sober after treatment.

Our Commitment

Red Oak Recovery is a team of committed professionals that uses evidence-based practices combined with adventure therapy to produce long term, sustainable recovery. We specialize in the treatment of young adults struggling with substance abuse, trauma, and co-occurring mental health issues.

Our research-supported clinical methodologies, integrated with adventure therapy, create a uniquely engaging and highly effective treatment modality. We have developed a means for our clients to unveil their innate goodness, talents, and self-worth.

To assure positive and lasting change, we believe that excellent clinical care must be delivered with respect, dignity, and compassion.