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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Our men’s rehab program in North Carolina offers support for alcohol addiction, mental health, and trauma for men between 18 and 30.

a young man in an alcohol addiction treatment center gets emotional in front of a therapistAlcohol is one of the most used substances in the United States. However, you can find it at nearly any sporting event, club, or restaurant across the country. As a result, even those who are only using alcohol as a way to hang out with their friends can become addicted if they are not careful. Sadly, alcohol addiction and substance use can progressively destroy people’s lives. To prevent or repair the damage, help from an alcohol addiction treatment center is often necessary.

Red Oak Recovery® is a sanctuary for healing in the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains. Our young men’s rehab program in North Carolina offers support for alcohol addiction, mental health, and trauma for men between 18 and 30. Call 828.382.9699 and get started now.



Who Needs a Men’s Alcohol Rehab Program?

There are a variety of factors that play a role in alcohol addiction. First and foremost, most people who have an alcohol addiction struggle with daily life, such as work and personal relationships.

Is your drinking affecting your job or life at home? Have you become dependent on alcohol to deal with stress and other problems? Answering these questions is the first step to realizing the need for change. Alcohol addiction affects every aspect of your life, including:

  • Personal and family relationships
  • Work problems
  • Financial problems
  • Emotional distress

Alcohol rehab will address any concerns that correlate to your addiction. There are numerous signs and symptoms that could indicate problems other than addiction.

You may be facing depression or have lost complete interest in your family, friends, work, or school. Your alcohol addiction may also cause irritability, restlessness, and erratic or violent behavior.

By entering our life-changing alcohol addiction treatment center in Asheville, NC, you can take back control of your life in a healthy, safe, and fun environment.

What to Expect in an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Understanding the process for alcohol treatment and knowing what to expect makes it much easier to get help and select the best treatment option.

Health Assessment

The first part of the process is an in-depth health assessment. A team of doctors and nurses perform the exam to determine which treatments work best for specific individuals. The checkup may include blood tests that establish addiction severity. Clients must also provide accurate information about themselves and their families in order to receive optimal care. Assessments may be done at multiple points during treatment, especially if you attend different centers for detox and treatment.

Treatment Planning

Next, planning the course of treatment is the second step. These plans outline the clients’ problems, treatment objectives, and specific methods for reaching those goals. They may include treatment for additional health issues, such as mental health conditions. Treatment planning may change over time, especially if goals, circumstances, or where you receive help changes.


Detoxification may be the necessary first step for alcohol use, as quitting drinking causes withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms that arise may include:

  • Confusion
  • Convulsions
  • Hallucinations
  • Shaking

However, medical detox staff can ease these symptoms and prevent dangerous complications. For example, they might administer medicines or encourage holistic activities for relief. Red Oak Recovery® does not provide detox services, but we may be able to help you find the resources you need.


The next step is attending a treatment center, which is also essential to recovery. It includes education about alcohol use and addiction for individuals struggling with substance use, trauma, or mental health issues and their families. Additionally, treatment involves changing behaviors with proper therapy. For example, clients learn life skills and relapse prevention techniques to avoid triggers and stay sober. Red Oak is an excellent option for intensive care and sober living options so you can focus on recovering.

Continued Care

Because there’s no addiction cure, people with the disease must manage their sobriety. This maintenance involves aftercare. Fortunately, some treatment centers offer aftercare as a step-down program. However, outside of treatment, clients can get aftercare with support groups and 12-step programs. Once you join the Red Oak community, you’ll continue to receive support after treatment.

Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many people who struggle with alcohol addiction also struggle with a mental health condition. Sometimes, they begin drinking to self-medicate their symptoms. Other times, their drinking brings on psychological problems. Whatever the case is for you, a dual diagnosis treatment can help. This treatment addresses both your addiction and co-occurring mental health at the same time.

Concurrent treatment for both addiction and a range of mental health conditions is available at Red Oak Recovery® in the form of dual diagnosis treatment. This treatment option gives you the support and coping mechanisms to manage your addiction. However, it also can provide you with the tools you need to combat the mental health symptoms that you’ve tried to avoid.

Therapies We Utilize in Our Men’s Alcohol Rehab Program

You will spend a significant amount of your time at a men’s alcohol rehab center in therapy. Therapy is an integral part of the recovery process. Through this treatment, you receive the tools you need to cope with stress without alcohol. Moreover, your therapy programs will teach you how to deal with urges and cravings to use alcohol. At Red Oak Recovery®, we tailor your therapy programs to your specific needs. That way, we can help you reach the root cause of your addiction and learn how to overcome your particular problems.

There are two categories of therapy: evidence-based and holistic therapies. While these categories may intersect at times, they are both essential for alcohol addiction treatment.

Evidence-Based Therapies at Red Oak

Evidence-based therapies are therapeutic options that addiction treatment specialists and psychological professionals have tested repeatedly. Thus, there is objective evidence that these treatments can effectively treat addiction. At Red Oak Recovery®, we use these evidence-based therapies at our alcohol addiction treatment center:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)

We may also include a mix of other evidence-based therapy methods that are appropriate for unique treatment plans. All clients engage in at least 30 hours of individual therapy during rehab. Family counseling and group support are also cornerstones of our program.

Holistic Therapies We Offer

On the other hand, we also offer a variety of holistic treatments. Alcohol addiction touches each area of your life. This disease affects your mind, body, and soul. Many evidence-based therapies only address one or two of these areas. However, using holistic therapies, our treatment specialists can treat each area that addiction has injured. These treatment methods include:

  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Experiential & adventure therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Wilderness therapy

Being located in the wild Blue Ridge Mountains, our clients enjoy scenic views and chances to connect with nature during wilderness and adventure therapy. All of these holistic therapies can connect with addiction treatment in different ways. They help individuals relax, focus inward, and find a sense of peace throughout the recovery journey.



Benefits of a Men’s Addiction Treatment Program

A men’s alcohol addiction treatment program can be highly beneficial to those living with addiction. Men battle addiction for reasons that are different than those of women. They may become addicted to alcohol due to problems with their families or to cope with the pressure that society places on men. They may also face a range of unique challenges, such as anger management and unaddressed trauma. Gender-specific treatment is specifically designed to address these challenges.

Our gender-specific program is ideal due to the fact that our clients can relax and be assured that their counterparts will work alongside them. Here, they can develop a sense of trust and companionship. They won’t face judgment or condemnation from the people around them. There’s no pressure to appear strong or tough at Red Oak Recovery®. Each person is going through the same challenges, and, as a result, you can rely on them, and they can count on you.

Start Alcohol Addiction Treatment near Asheville, NC, at Red Oak Recovery®

Don’t continue to let alcohol wreak havoc on your life and choices. At Red Oak Recovery® near Asheville, NC, you can start making great strides toward a sober lifestyle. Our men’s alcohol addiction treatment center can provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support that you need to conquer your alcohol problem. Contact Red Oak Recovery® online or call us at 828.382.9699 now. It’s time to take your life back from your alcohol addiction.