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Motivational Interviewing Therapy

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People who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction often want to change, but they don’t know how. They’re not sure what steps to take to overcome substance use. When they finally make the life-changing decision to enter rehab, they’ll take part in various therapies. Skilled professionals will design personalized treatment plans that address each person’s unique issues. Motivational interviewing therapy may be one of the therapies you’ll participate in. What is it, and how can it help you?

About Motivational Interviewing Therapy

man and woman participating in motivational interviewing therapyQuitting drug and alcohol use isn’t as easy as some people think it is. It’s not about willpower — once addictive substances take over, you often feel powerless to stop using on your own. Motivational interviewing is a type of therapy designed to help people find their internal motivation to quit using. This therapy isn’t usually long-term, but it can fit in with other types that last longer. When you’re stuck in the cycle of drug and alcohol use, you don’t make good decisions. With motivational interviewing therapy, you’ll learn how to move past any ambivalence to change your behavior. Instead of being scared of what could happen — something that plagues many people with addiction issues — you’ll develop a positive attitude that can be a big boost toward your motivation to quit. Because users often feel conflicting emotions about quitting, they must accept responsibility in choosing to quit. It’s the aim of motivational interviewing to get them to this point.

How Motivational Interviewing Therapy Works in Addiction Treatment

If you’re dealing with substance use, you may want to change because you know it’s the right thing to do. However, a part of you isn’t yet ready to make that change, despite all of the negative consequences you’ve suffered due to using. You must work past your anxiety and ambivalence that addiction feeds into. Unlike other forms of therapy that focus on problem-solving, motivational interviewing therapy focuses on a person’s attitude. By helping them use internal motivation, they become empowered to make the positive changes necessary for overcoming addiction. The behavioral health services you’ll receive in addiction treatment take many forms. With motivational interviewing, skilled counselors take a collaborative approach with clients. This type of therapy is usually more beneficial for people who don’t yet have the motivation to make necessary changes — it helps move them toward the point of being motivated enough to choose treatment. It’s not the counselor’s job to find your motivation or persuade you to change — it’s entirely up to you. When you’re able to do this, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment because you found the strength and the courage to admit to the problem and the desire to do something about it.

Recovery That Makes a Difference

No matter how many times you’ve gone back and forth about overcoming addiction in the past, you can make a change starting today. The skilled, compassionate professionals at Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, North Carolina can guide you toward the sober future you want. We recognized a need for young adult rehab programs that met this age group’s unique challenges. At our facility, young men and women find themselves in gender-specific settings that promote health and healing. Our addiction treatment programs include:

Are you looking for a safe, supportive environment to begin your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction? Red Oak Recovery® offers numerous services for you, including motivational interviewing therapy. Reach out to us today at 866-457-7590 for more information.