Young Man Who Needs Eating Disorder TreatmentAt Red Oak Recovery®, we offer disordered eating treatment as part of our young adult rehab programs. It is common for this issue to remain unaddressed or unnoticed as mental health, trauma, and substance use increase. Food and body image struggles often surface after past ways of living and being have ceased. This often becomes apparent in early recovery. Because it is common for diet and nutritional needs to be neglected during active substance abuse, the physical body will go through significant changes once a person steps into sobriety.

As part of our addiction therapy services, our nutritional therapy program assists clients in creating a healthy relationship with food. We begin in our garden. Clients learn where our food comes from and how it is grown. They are able to participate in planting and harvesting the fruits and vegetables we grow. In nutritional education classes they will learn about food as a source of energy, how it nourishes their body and the ways they can improve their health in early recovery. Clients will develop the skills to make healthy, delicious tasting food and enjoy it in the company of others while making meaningful connections. Many of our team members join our clients during mealtime and there is a great sense of community.

For clients who struggle with body size and image, we offer groups and individual support. We encourage them to utilize the opportunity to address their concerns and the challenges they may be facing as their body begins to change. Clients are gently supported in sharing their thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the way they perceive themselves. They will be provided with tools and resources to assist them with their struggles during and after their stay with us. In addition, clinicians work with individuals, as needed, to develop a healthy and balanced approach to their relationship with food.

During their stay, we frequently see a change in the way our clients relate to food the healthier they become. The more they learn to like themselves, the more they respect themselves, the more inclined they will be to take care of themselves and their bodies.