Treatment Services That Make a Difference

Man Participating in Addiction Therapy ServicesAt Red Oak Recovery®, our treatment services focus exclusively on the young adult population and is an industry leader in the substance abuse, trauma, and mental health treatment field. By taking a different treatment approach with our clients and families, we are better able to ensure long-term, lasting recovery. The key ingredients in achieving these results lies in being able to provide an extensive clinical rehabilitation experience, treating the person as a whole, developing a deep understanding of the role that nutrition plays in our recovery and life, utilizing the power of experiential and outdoor activities, and offering support to families to ensure that they are also making changes in their lives while their loved one is in treatment with us.

Our Masters-level clinical team are dually licensed in substance abuse and mental health issues. This is an important piece to our treatment model as we design highly individualized treatment plans to encompass the whole individual by considering mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Research has proven that substance abuse, trauma, and mental health issues often show up at the same time, and they needed to be treated simultaneously.

Redefining the Clinical Experience

Red Oak Recovery® offers specific and personalized young adult rehab programs. Because everyone’s underlying issues are unique, we build an organic progression of individualized treatment services that work for both the client and their families. Our practices involve:

  • Evidence-based, research proven methodologies
  • Unique blends based on the needs of each individual
  • Master and Doctoral-level professionals dually licensed in mental health and substance abuse

Taking a step back into nature and participating in exciting activities without the use of substances results in clients truly learning how to have fun in their lives and own recovery. Combining adventure-base journeys and nutritional education into our treatment model allows our clients to naturally heal their bodies, which have often been at the center of many years of abuse. Paying attention to how things that we put into our bodies make us feel allows for a direct connection between the two. Nutritional therapy, cultivating and nurturing our gardens, and preparing meals together encourages a healthier relationship with food.

Family members also take part by having their own family support therapist guide them through the work necessary to create a more healthy family unit. Including the family as part of the treatment process ensures that the entire family is engaged during this important time of healing and early recovery.

These pieces combined together help Red Oak Recovery® offer a clinically sophisticated treatment model that addresses many crucial elements simultaneously. It is our commitment to deliver these addiction therapy services with respect, dignity, and compassion to those we serve.

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