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Benefits of a Rehab Center in North Carolina

Experience clinician-run addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains

A woman talks with a counselor about a rehab center in NCAre you looking for a unique rehab center in NC? Red Oak Recovery® may be the perfect fit for you. Our one-of-a-kind facilities and treatment options will give you the life-changing experience you need to overcome addiction.

We have the training to provide a new beginning for young adults who are looking to grow and change for the better. Our staff is passionate and has the experience and expertise to guide you on the right path in recovery.

Red Oak Recovery® Rehab Center in NC

Red Oak Recovery® has two gender-specific campuses in Leicester, NC. Each facility will provide you the tools to face your substance use and also enjoy the beautiful surroundings in the process. Furthermore, our amenities and distinctive activities give our clients the ability to step away from any distractions and focus on recovery. Our activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Martial arts
  • Expressive arts
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

At Red Oak Recovery®, we look to improve and adapt our program to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality care at all times. We look forward to providing an unmatched quality of life for each and every client that joins our programs.

Men’s Campus

Our 32-bed men’s campus combines conventional and holistic treatment modalities to address all of your needs during recovery. Outside of specific treatment, we offer 12-step groups, adventure therapy, and experiential therapy. With stunning views and spacious decks and patios, our men’s campus is the perfect place to begin your road to recovery. Addiction rehab is an adventure in itself, and our campus will give you the adventure of a lifetime. We’ll help you grow and develop away from your addiction in a sober and fun environment.

Women’s Campus

The women’s campus is a 16-bed facility in the North Carolina wilderness. Known as The Willows at Red Oak Recovery®, our women’s campus has the structure to provide the perfect treatment plan as well as safety and comfort at all times. We treat each client with honor and respect in an intimate atmosphere. The Willows includes expansive, open areas for reflection as well as adventure. Our women’s substance use treatment specifically provides an integrative approach through therapy and clinical experience.

Enrollment at Red Oak Recovery®

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we’re here for you! Red Oak Recovery® specializes in young adult rehab programs with eco-therapy and a wilderness focus. Additionally, we offer a family program that allows parents and family members to adjust and open up about the uncomfortable emotions connected to addiction, rehab, and recovery. Lifelong sobriety is a journey worth fighting for. To begin the enrollment process, make a confidential call today and we’ll help you start on the road to recovery. After an on-site assessment, we’ll work with you to set up transportation for your arrival date.

Take Back Control at Red Oak Recovery®

Is Red Oak Recovery® the perfect rehab center in NC for your needs? If so, take advantage of this lifetime opportunity. Our clinical team is ready to assist you in gaining lifelong sobriety. Call us today at 866-457-7590 to learn more about our facilities and unique treatment options.