young man seeks treatment for drug addiction at houston tx drug rehab centers

Ready To Get Help For Addiction? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re thinking about seeking treatment for addiction, congratulations! It’s hard to admit that you may have a problem. If you’re seeing your life take twists and turns that make you unhappy, asking for help is the best way to begin to get things back on track. It’s normal to feel powerless over drugs or…

young man meditates in nature as coping skills for addiction recovery

Coping Skills and Recovery: Getting Used To Your New Life

If you’re new to the world of recovery, congratulations! You are taking steps to live the life you and your family deserve. At Red Oak Recovery®’s addiction treatment center in NC, we’re proud to help our clients learn the coping skills for addiction recovery and help them stay on the path to a sober, healthy…

young man receives what is equine therapy at an addiction treatment center in NC

Equine Therapy For Addiction

Experiential therapy is the use of experience to process thoughts, ideas, problems, and trauma. Equine therapy is a type of experiential therapy that uses horses to help people process their issues. Many people who check-in for addiction rehabilitation wonder, “What is equine therapy?” Therapy with horses at an addiction treatment center in NC can be a…

young man receives help from an addiction treatment center in NC for physical dependence

Physical Dependence

Drug abuse typically stems from emotional issues. Physical dependence to drugs often takes hold when these issues are left untreated. A dual diagnosis treatment program in Leicester, NC provides the support to overcome your physical dependence to drugs. How Physical Dependence Begins Physical dependence begins when the body starts adapting to drug use. For example, opiate…

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Prescription Pill Addiction: How Austin TX Drug Rehab Centers Can Help

Most people who become addicted to prescription pills never intended to misuse a substance. Doctors prescribe prescription pain relievers regularly for injured people or those who are dealing with post-surgical pain. The problem with the pills is not their initial use. Instead, it’s how quickly the body builds up a tolerance to the drug. Most people…

young man looking into the distance suffering from psychological dependence

Psychological Dependence

Drug abuse affects not only your body but your mind as well. This is why drugs that may not be physically addictive may trigger dependency in an individual who frequently abuses the drug.  Admission into a dual diagnosis treatment center in Leicester, NC  is your first step to recovery. Comprehensive addiction treatment is provided to…