a man smiles as he decides not to attend a mens drug rehab program in loudoun va

Why You Shouldn’t Go To a Men’s Drug Rehab Program in Loudoun, VA

When you finally decide to seek help through treatment, you’ll find you have a lot of options. For example, are you looking for co-ed treatment, holistic treatment, or men’s only treatment? The right treatment center can put you forward into recovery, while the wrong treatment center can allow you to relapse. Therefore, you have to…

a man asks his doctor what is an addiction specialist

What Is an Addiction Specialist?

Oftentimes, clients seeking treatment at Red Oak Recovery ask us, “What is an addiction specialist?” They want to know if there is something special in the education of these individuals and if they are actual physicians or counselors that are eligible to practice. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” An addiction specialist has more training…

a man talks to friends about different recovery programs

Different Recovery Programs

The mechanics of addiction are straight-forward, but addiction itself varies from one individual to the next. Not only are the substances different, producing different symptoms and recovery challenges, but there are many other factors involved. Age, general physical health, length of usage, and even gender all contribute to how addiction needs to be managed. Add…