woman dealing with depression

Dealing with Depression

Dealing with depression is extremely difficult because you lack the motivation to do things that can help you. There’s a misconception about depression that people can simply pull themselves up and be happy and productive. The reality is that depression can make you feel lost and alone even though you’re not. This is one of…

young girl discussing the best rehabilitation centers for young adults

Choosing the Best Rehabilitation Centers for Young Adults

It was only about 40 years ago when the worst substances young people were experimenting with was alcohol and marijuana. Unfortunately, more and more young people are developing addictions to much stronger, more dangerous drugs. Many studies show that more and more young people are abusing prescription medications, heroin, meth, and cocaine. This is why…

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse [Infographic]

 When you’re sick and aren’t showing any signs of getting better, doctors will prescribe medications to help your health. However, abusing these medications can cause severe health problems. Without proper treatment, continuing to abuse these drugs can even be fatal. Suspecting that your loved one is struggling with substance abuse can be a confusing…

woman suffering from depression and anxiety

Depression and Anxiety: Is there a Connection

You might consider depression and anxiety to be different states. Someone who’s depressed tends to have low energy and a loss of interest in activities, while an anxious person seems very agitated and excitable. In fact, the two disorders share a connection. It’s possible to be depressed as well as anxious or to experience symptoms…

boy enrolled in one of the best rehab centers for young adults

The Best Rehab Centers for Young Adults

Addiction treatment should never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Different people require a change in how to approach treatment. Treatment should change to include treating men and women differently, as well as understanding the best ways to help older adults vs. younger ones. The best rehab centers for young adults specialize in caring for this age…