man taking a break as he participates in exercise and nutrition during addiction treatment

Exercise and Nutrition During Addiction Treatment

Exercise and nutrition are generally crucial for overall health. During addiction treatment programs, a healthy lifestyle is vital. By nourishing the body, individuals can boost their mood and help their body recover. How Exercise and Nutrition Work Exercise and nutrition during addiction and mental health treatment play crucial roles. These healthy habits are suitable for…

young man drinking and suffering from alcoholism and ptsd

The Connection Between Alcoholism and PTSD

People can develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for a variety of reasons. This disorder often occurs after someone goes through an extremely stressful, traumatic experience like witnessing a violent crime or serving on the battlefield. Unfortunately, alcoholism and PTSD often happen at the same time. When someone does not get treatment for PTSD, they may…

man considers drug rehab centers in Marietta GA for help

Can I Find 12 Step Programs in Drug Rehab Centers in Marietta GA?

Almost everyone is familiar with the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Because of its success rate and longevity, many individuals seeking treatment also seek out the 12 steps. Finding a range of addiction treatment programs that includes a 12 step program is often essential to a successful treatment plan. However, not all drug rehab…