two individuals looking over paperwork to see does insurance cover drug rehab and if insurance covers drug rehab

Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Once someone decides to become sober, the next step is finding the right rehab. As individuals look through potential treatment centers, they may wonder, “Does insurance cover drug rehab?” Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, drug and alcohol treatment receives coverage like any other chronic illness. Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab? Insurance covers drug rehab…

young boy trying to begin overcoming childhood trauma

Overcoming Childhood Trauma

While most people think of childhood trauma as just physical abuse, it can actually take many forms. After a negative, painful event, individuals can suffer from lasting psychological consequences, like an addiction. Overcoming childhood trauma is possible, but the individual requires the right support as they recover. Through dual diagnosis treatment, finding recovery and healing…

man taking a break as he participates in exercise and nutrition during addiction treatment

Exercise and Nutrition During Addiction Treatment

Exercise and nutrition are generally crucial for overall health. During addiction treatment programs, a healthy lifestyle is vital. By nourishing the body, individuals can boost their mood and help their body recover. How Exercise and Nutrition Work Exercise and nutrition during addiction and mental health treatment play crucial roles. These healthy habits are suitable for…