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Are Men’s Drug Rehab Centers in Raleigh, NC Right for Me?

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Are Men’s Drug Rehab Centers in Raleigh, NC Right for Me?

In a world of growing concern surrounding drug addiction, more and more programs and rehab centers are available for those in need. However, with so many rehabs around, it can be intimidating to make a decision regarding treatment. For those in the area, men’s drug rehab centers in Raleigh, NC appear to be the only option. They’re close and seem like the easiest choice. Instead of making a quick decision regarding care, take a moment to consider men’s rehab programs in Asheville, NC. While only being three hours away, the distance can make all the difference.

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Facilities

While the men’s drug rehab centers in Raleigh, NC might not be the best choice, a gender-specific facility usually is. A male-only rehab center in NC can provide a unique and welcoming environment for those in treatment. While addiction can affect both men and women, it tends to affect them differently. A men’s facility will understand that their clients require a different approach to treatment compared to female clients. This way, clients receive the most effective care possible. A men’s only rehab will also help break down the stigma surrounding how men express themselves and their emotions. In a safe space, men will feel comfortable discussing their experiences, feelings, and goals for recovery.

Are Men’s Drug Rehab Centers in Raleigh, NC Best?

While men’s drug rehab centers in Raleigh, NC are available, they may not be ideal for your needs. Because of the city, these centers are limited in the types of addiction treatment programs they can provide. Often, these centers will only provide more traditional services like individual and group therapies. While these modalities are effective, they work better when combined with more modern approaches. Heading to the Blue Ridge Mountains of the state will allow you to participate in adventure therapy. This means learning new problem-solving and communication skills while spending time outdoors. Such a hands-on approach can be more effective than making individuals remain indoors.

Remaining near your home can also cause issues during your treatment. Staying close to home will serve as a reminder of your substance use and can be a trigger. It will also distract you from your treatments, making relapse more of a possibility once you leave. Heading to Asheville might not seem like a major change, but it can make a difference. Removing yourself from certain situations and spending time in a more secluded location can help you focus on your health.

Choosing Red Oak Recovery®

Instead of feeling pressured to choose one of the men’s drug rehab centers in Raleigh, NC, head to Red Oak Recovery®. Our staff combines unbeatable training with compassionate care to give our clients their best chance at lasting recovery. Through a variety of treatment services, we work to redefine the clinical experience for each of our clients. Contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866-457-7590 to begin the enrollment process.