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My Husband Is an Alcoholic

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My Husband Is an Alcoholic

Saying “my husband is an alcoholic” can be incredibly difficult, whether you say it to another person or you only admit it to yourself. After all, this is the man you promised to love in sickness and in health. You’ve pictured the two of you growing old together. Watching his health suffer as his drinking increases is understandably tough. If you’re worried that your spouse’s alcohol consumption is out of control, find out how you can help him.

Signs Your Husband Has an Alcohol Dependency

Maybe your husband has always been the drinking type. Some people are casual social drinkers, while others drink several times a week. Because drinking is such a big part of celebrations, special occasions — even happy hours — most adults drink at least some of the time.

Unfortunately, some people grow dependent on the physical and psychological effects of alcohol. They tell themselves they’re in control of their drinking, but in fact, their drinking controls them.

Are things so bad that you tell yourself, “my husband is an alcoholic”? Signs that he has an alcohol dependency include:

  • An inability to stop drinking once he starts
  • Anger or defensiveness when you bring up his drinking
  • Guilt over how much/how often he drinks
  • Continued drinking despite suffering negative consequences
  • Risky behavior, such as driving while drinking
  • Problems with you, other loved ones, or his job due to drinking

Dependency can turn into an addiction. People who are controlled by their drinking often have problems across all areas of their lives.

While you can’t force your husband into rehab, you can encourage him to get the help he, and you, need.

My Husband Is an Alcoholic: Now What?

You may feel a range of emotions if your husband’s drinking has spiraled out of control. It’s affected more than his well-being. It’s also affected you, your marriage, and possibly his job. If you have children, they’re feeling the negative effects of his alcohol abuse as well.

It’s natural to feel confused, angry, embarrassed, and sad when someone you love is grappling with addiction.

Once you say, “my husband is an alcoholic,” what happens next? Do you live with him as he is? Or, do you try and encourage him to seek the treatment that can save his health, marriage, job, and his life?

You’ve said it to yourself: my husband is an alcoholic. The story doesn’t have to end there; with the right treatment, it can be a new beginning.

Personalized Recovery That Can Change Your Future

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Alcohol addiction doesn’t have to destroy your marriage. Your husband can be the healthy, happy man you and he both deserve. Let the supportive staff at our addiction treatment center give you or someone close to you the chance to heal and recover. Call us today at 866-457-7590 to learn more.