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The Benefits of Individual Counseling

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The Benefits of Individual Counseling

People with mental health disorders or addiction need a range of therapies to help them to find stability. One of the types of treatments most commonly used is individual counseling, a form in which a person works one-on-one with a therapist. At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer this type of service and other evidence-based and holistic therapies to ensure comprehensive support. Contact our team today at 866.457.7590 to learn more about this treatment option.

Why Is Individual Counseling Used?

A range of benefits come from individual counseling, including the ability to open up with a person you can trust. For people with mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, this form of therapy allows a person to talk about symptoms. They can also share their thought patterns and safely discuss experiences. Your complete privacy is one of the top priorities in this treatment.

For those with addiction, individual counseling allows for exploring causes, use patterns, and reckless behavior without judgment. It can also help to explore previous trauma, stress factors, and challenges that lead to addiction.

What Are the Benefits of Individual Counseling?

It’s up to the individual if he will take full advantage of individual counseling. When this does occur, numerous benefits can occur.

  • Improving Self Awareness: Counseling in this manner helps to address thought patterns and feelings that may precede the onset of negative behaviors. For example, some people may learn to become mindful of what they think and how they respond to stress and challenging circumstances. By recognizing what’s happening at that moment, a person can change negative thoughts to avoid poor behaviors that lead to addiction.
  • Improved Communication Skills: It’s essential to express feelings and needs in a meaningful manner. During individual counseling, a person learns how to do this in a more impactful way. Through individual therapy, patients can improve skills related to respect, confidence, and empathy.
  • Coping Skill Development: Often, those who have mental health disorders struggle with their symptoms. This often leads to the development of poor behaviors. For example, a person may struggle with anxiety and turn to drugs to help calm them. Instead, this type of counseling teaches healthy coping skills like self-soothing and acceptance.
  • Self-Exploration: Another way to use this counseling method is as a method of exploring personal beliefs, goals, and values. It is essential to define what makes a person unique in their own manner. By better understanding oneself, a person can explore new opportunities while also having more confidence.
  • Getting a New View: Often, addiction and mental health lead a person to have a tarnished or inaccurate view of the world around them, of themselves, and their future. During counseling, it’s possible to get back to a new place with a fresh perspective. This can help to overcome challenges related to depression, substance use, and relationships.

How Our Team Can Help with Addiction and Mental Health Needs

Red Oak Recovery® offers comprehensive support to enable you to overcome your challenges in addiction and mental health disorders for men in North Carolina, Tennessee, and beyond. Individual counseling is one component of that. We offer treatment using both evidence-based therapies and holistic therapies to help a person gain an opportunity for improvement. It is often used alongside family and group counseling as well. This type of support can be found in programs such as:

Seek Out Treatment by Calling Red Oak Recovery®

Individual counseling is one of the treatment options we offer at Rod Oak Recovery. If you are in North Carolina, Tennessee, or elsewhere in the United States and need help for mental health disorders or addiction, we encourage you to call our team today. Our compassionate counselors are here to listen and offer tools to support your recovery. Call 866.457.7590 or connect online now.