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Specialized Addiction Recovery For Young Women

While men are more likely than women to become chemically dependent, women face unique challenges throughout their addiction and recovery. Biological, emotional, relational, and societal factors differ between the genders, so it’s important that addiction specialists understand the unique needs of female clients and gear recovery programs to meet those needs. To learn more about…

girl is one of the young adults and opiate abuse

Young Adults And Opiate Abuse

Opiates (also called narcotics or opioids) are a class of prescription painkillers with the potential to become highly addictive. Typically prescribed for post-surgical recovery or moderate to severe pain, opiate use has become an epidemic among young adults. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that the abuse of prescription medications is highest among 18…

benefitting from nutrition and exercise in recovery

Nutrition & Exercise In Recovery

By the time an individual enters an addiction treatment facility, their addictions have likely taken a toll on their overall health. A large percentage of addicts are malnourished, and haven’t been getting proper nutrition in their bodies for some time. Many alcoholics get a large portion of their daily caloric intake from alcohol, which contains…

evidence of drunk driving in young adults

Young Adults, Decisions and Consequences

Regret, guilt and shame are common sentiments experienced by young adults after a night of heavy drinking. The level of regret is often akin to the level of problems a young adult has amassed in their life as a direct result of drinking. For many, romantic relationships, friendships, grades or jobs suffer. Many can recover…

woman struggling with drug addiction medical consequences

Drug Addiction And Its Very Real Medical Consequences

Parents and guardians who seek drug and alcohol treatment in North Carolina often do so out of an awareness of the consequences of addiction that go beyond the spiritual or an inability to get on with day-to-day life. Drug addiction has long been associated with various medical issues, ranging from stroke, cancer and mental disorders…

crash after drugged driving

The Scourge of “Drugged Driving” Among American Youth

There are seemingly endless reasons for the importance of young adult treatment in North Carolina. One reason that may not receive the emphasis that it deserves, is ‘drugged driving’. Deaths among young people can be largely attributed to car crashes which often occur to at least some degree due to drug and/or alcohol use. Driving…

man experiencing the effects of designer drugs on the brain

What Effects Do Designer Drugs Have On The Brain?

Capable mental health therapists assisting substance-addicted young adults get back to full physical and spiritual health will know of the importance of keeping up to date with the latest knowledge about drugs and their effects. The situation is no different with what are known as “designer drugs”, which are manufactured to chemically resemble illicit drugs,…

girl struggling with marijuana use impact on heroin susceptibility

Marijuana Use May Have Impact On Offspring’s Heroin Susceptibility

The list of reasons for young adults addicted to marijuana to seek suitable experiential therapy in North Carolina is doubtless a long one, but an addition to that list could be the potential for offspring to have a heightened risk of opiate addiction – even if the drug use ceases prior to offspring being conceived.…