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What are Holistic Healing Services?

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What are Holistic Healing Services?

Addiction impacts many areas of a person’s life. That includes the mind, body, and soul and relationships, motivations, and hopes for the future. During addiction treatment, the focus is on treating the mental and physical symptoms of addiction and the whole body. That is where holistic healing comes into play. We offer a variety of holistic therapies at Red Oak Recovery®. To learn how they can support your recovery, please contact our team today at 866.457.7590.

What Does Holistic Healing Mean?

Holistic healing is a way to approach the needs of the whole body at one time. That includes considering your emotional wellness but also your physical and spiritual health. It is through this level of healing that a person may create long-term recovery that lasts a lifetime.

A component of this type of healing is to give you the tools to alleviate any triggers that are evident in your life that could push you towards addiction relapse. By using holistic methods, you can avoid these triggers effectively with proper and healthy coping mechanisms. It takes hard work to understand why your addiction is present and more work to help you push through towards recovery. However, we can make the process possible at Red Oak Recovery®.

What Are the Components of Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing is a journey you have to take yourself based on the damage you face from drug and alcohol addiction. Our goal is to help you find the right tools and resources to make that possible. Some components of this type of therapy include:

  • Emotional wellness: Emotional wellness focuses on a person’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and how all three areas are linked. This may include working on smiling more, focusing on having a positive outlook, expressing rather than hiding feelings, and embracing mindfulness.
  • Physical wellness: This area focuses on the body itself, such as healing from the damage caused by addiction. Nutritional therapy is often a component of it, but so are physical fitness and yoga. The goal is to heal the body from inflammation and build a more robust level of confidence.
  • Spiritual wellness: Spiritual wellness is not always about religion. It is about learning what your soul desires and setting goals to achieve them. It is becoming confident in yourself and your overall presence in the world around you. In this type of area, we focus on providing opportunities to explore nature and oneself along with it.

It is a combination of therapy options that leads to this type of healing. Holistic healing is not rushed and cannot possible without engagement. For that reason, if you are ready to begin your journey towards recovery from addiction, focus on engaging with your therapists through clinical treatment and the holistic therapy options available to you. You may find this is an excellent way to achieve your best outcome.

Explore Healing Therapies We Offer at Red Oak Recovery®

At Red Oak Recovery®, we strive to provide a whole-body level of healing. That’s evident in our treatment model. We blend adventure therapy alongside clinical treatment for mental health disorders and substance use disorders. By creating this type of hybrid environment, we can provide a wide range of opportunities for healing. We do this through programs such as the following:

Holistic healing not only puts you on the path to long-term recovery, but it helps to reenergize and motivate you to achieve your best outcome. At Red Oak Recovery®, it is one of the tools we offer to help you find your way forward. Learn more about our programs when you call 866.457.7590 or connect with our team online today.