common alcohol withdrawal symptoms infographic

Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms [Infographic]

Frequent or excessive alcohol consumption can inevitably develop into an addiction. Through continual use, individuals build a tolerance to the drug, meaning they’ll need to drink more to experience the same euphoric effects. Eventually, trying to stop drinking will make you feel sick. This period of illness is called withdrawal. It’s important to familiarize yourself…

men suffering from depression and addiction

The Relationship Between Depression and Addiction

The link between depression and addiction is strong. Together, they create a vicious cycle that’s extremely difficult to break free from. Understanding the relationship between them shows us why co-occurring disorder treatment is so important in drug rehab programs. Depression and Addiction Are Both Mental Disorders The first and most important link between depression and…

man after his rehab programs for young adults

The Importance of Rehab Programs for Young Adults

Rehab is important for anyone suffering from addiction. However, some experts suggest that rehab programs for young adults are even more important. These programs offer a number of benefits and help teens grow to live rewarding lives. Therefore, parents should consider enrolling their young adults in addiction treatment. Why Do Teens and Young Adults Use…