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What to Expect in a Men’s Heroin Rehab

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What to Expect in a Men’s Heroin Rehab

Many people begin using dangerous life-altering drugs like heroin at an early age. This is especially true for men. In most cases, heroin use begins when a friend asks a person to try it. Young boys and men are more susceptible to the peer pressure surrounding drug use. They want their friends to see them as risk-takers and free of fear. However, in our heroin rehab for men, our clinicians understand the stereotypes and expectations young men face and address them as part of treatment.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a heroin addiction, there is help available. Contact Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590 or use our helpful online form to get in touch with one of our treatment experts.

Why Choose a Men’s Heroin Rehab?

Society’s principles continue to influence young men, motivating them to adhere to them. Simply put, they don’t want their peers to perceive them as weak or “chicken,” so they take the heroin, thinking it’ll just be one time. There are many reasons heroin is dangerous, such as:

  • Drugs like heroin are in the class of drugs called opiates. The opioid crisis is raging, so most people are aware of the risks incurred with these prescription drugs. While opioids and opiates are similar, heroin is a potent street drug, and a few things make professionals view it as more dangerous. Many men start using heroin after becoming addicted to opioids because it’s usually cheaper and easier to find.
  • It’s one of the most addictive drugs known to man. In 25 percent of cases, it takes one dose of heroin to plunge the user into a full-blown addiction. The drug is incredibly fast-acting and 100 times stronger than morphine, so the brain knows how quick relief comes with each dose, which works to increase its addictive properties.
  • It’s often cut with other drugs on the street like fentanyl to increase profit for the seller. This drug combination makes it more difficult for doctors to treat patients who have overdosed.
  • Heroin is highly associated with blood-borne illnesses like hepatitis and HIV through shared needles.
  • Heroin withdrawal is intense, dangerous, and longer-lasting than most other drugs. The withdrawal from heroin can potentially last up to one week from a single hit. If a person is not in rehab, it’s much more likely they’ll take their next hit to get relief from the pain of withdrawal, which furthers the addiction.

If someone you love is struggling with a heroin addiction, it’s vital to seek treatment at a heroin rehab center.

Why Seek Treatment at a Heroin Rehab Center?

There are several practical reasons to choose a men’s heroin rehab as a young man. These reasons include the unique needs of men and how they affect male treatment approaches. The distraction of mixed-gender treatment can make younger people lose focus. Additionally, as hard as it can be for men to express vulnerability around other men, it becomes even more difficult for some men to reveal sensitive information or emotional wounds around a woman. This can inhibit the process of talk and behavior therapies.

Battling severe addictions side by side in a men’s rehab program can foster authentic same-sex bonds that will last a lifetime. Male-based addiction treatment centers often offer more access to outdoor activities. These hands-on experiential therapies are generally more effective and therapeutic for men. Other behavioral therapies can focus more intensely on specific issues that trigger stress in men regarding their finances, relationship, and employment.

Does Someone You Know Need Men’s Heroin Rehab?

If you or someone you know is abusing heroin, they must get treatment before it’s too late. Some signs to look out for that a loved one may be using are :

  • Bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils
  • Sudden erratic behavior
  • Issues with keeping up with personal hygiene
  • Retreating from friends and family
  • Needles, lighters, syringes, spoons, or other drug paraphernalia lying around
  • Long periods in the bathroom
  • Needle marks or unusual bruising
  • Falling asleep at odd times
  • Severe stomach pain

Remember that addiction is rarely a choice someone makes. It’s a complex set of factors leading to a person engaging and becoming psychologically and physically dependent on a drug. Heroin has that powerful of a grasp, and therefore it is incredibly dangerous.

Help Your Loved One at Red Oak Recovery® Today

Remain aware that the path for helping a heroin addict won’t be easy. However, continuing to suffer from the consequences of their addiction may prove impossible. No one can reap the benefits of treatment until they accept their addiction. Call Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590 to find how your loved ones can receive addiction treatment for heroin today.