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Men’s Heroin Rehab

Experience clinician-run addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery® in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains

two men talking at a mens heroin rehab centerAs you look at options for heroin addiction treatment, consider your needs as a man. After all, men tend to struggle with different societal stigmas than women. They also experience unique reasons for developing an addiction to heroin, when compared to female counterparts. This is why many men choose men’s heroin rehab, where they feel an instant connection to their peers in treatment and receive help for the problems men face. What can you expect from a men’s heroin rehab center? What treatments does it provide?

Why Choose a Men’s Heroin Rehab?

Reasons for choosing a men’s heroin rehab vary according to the individual. But these treatment programs offer methods designed with men’s needs in mind. Some of those needs include struggling with addiction at younger ages than women and the unique pressures of being a young adult male in America today. In men’s heroin rehab, your program addresses these needs while focusing on the root causes of your addiction. For many men, discussing their root problems comes more efficiently without the opposite gender present. You feel freer to deal with your emotions and struggles without judgment. Men and women also learn differently. But in co-ed young adult rehab programs, you learn skills one way, alongside female clients. This makes many lessons learned in rehab not stick as they should, compromising your ability to avoid relapse. In men’s heroin rehab, you learn in ways men enjoy and gain success. Some methods include outdoor and wilderness-based learning, doing activities men enjoy in greater numbers than women. This learning provides lifetime benefits, while you expand your horizons in adventures with your male peers.

Methods Used in Men’s Rehab Programs

At Red Oak Recovery® near Asheville, a North Carolina rehab center for men, you receive the highest quality of evidence-based therapies and treatment programs. But these therapies focus on treating the root causes of male addictions, as opposed to why women start abusing drugs and alcohol. In essence, therapy speaks your language as a man, in men’s heroin rehab center treatment. Some reasons why men turn to drinking or drug abuse include work stress, school stress, negative relationships, anger management problems, peer pressure, and social anxiety. Men also face greater anxiety about socializing after rehab, when alcohol and drugs can no longer play a role. Men’s heroin rehab center treatment uses evidence-based therapies, talk therapy, individual counseling, and group therapy to shape new ways of thinking and behaving. This treatment provides you with a solid foundation for success and helps you open new doors for sober socialization.

Men’s Rehab at Red Oak Recovery® Near Asheville, NC

In Leicester, NC, Red Oak Recovery® is a men’s heroin rehab center where men put the thoughts and behaviors of addiction behind them in exchange for a new life in stable, fulfilling recovery. This gender-based treatment helps you focus on your struggles with addiction, separating you from the distractions and noise of everyday life. In Asheville, you enjoy the benefits of the scenic outdoors in combination with evidence-based practices proven to work for strong recovery. Men’s heroin rehab center treatment at Red Oak Recovery® includes:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Eco-therapy and gardening
  • Hybrid clinical and outdoor wilderness focus
  • Trauma therapy
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • 12-step program integration
  • Alumni program

Seek recovery among your male peers, where you can focus on what matters most for your life. Men’s heroin rehab at Red Oak Recovery® near Asheville, NC understands your needs and meets those needs for strong, lasting recovery. Contact Red Oak Recovery® now at 866-457-7590.