man and woman participating in clinically dynamic treatment

The Many Approaches Taken By Clinically Dynamic Treatment

When you want to help your young adult loved one to live a happier and more productive life, away from the ravages of substance addiction, it’s natural that you will research the many available treatment programs. But what elements do you expect to make up the most suitable clinically dynamic treatment? Do you expect the…

therapist helping woman in substance abuse treatment

The Imperative Role Of Mental Health Support In The Most Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

When many North Carolina parents begin seeking a rehab program for their troubled young adult or adolescent, they do so initially in search of the right substance abuse treatment – weaning their loved one off the substance that is ravaging their life. Sure enough, the leading rehab programs help their patients to cease their substance…

two girls in young adult addiction treatment

Stages Of Effective Young Adult Addiction Treatment Intervention

As much as we want to help the young adult in our life to overcome their substance abuse issues, our eagerness to do so may merely result in us enabling their habit. One of the most important first stages of interventions for young adult addiction treatment can also be the most difficult: simply being yourself…

group participating in nutritional therapy

Nutritional Therapy IS Delicious

The hills are alive! But, not with the sound of music. No, they are alive with the sounds and colors of our garden. Whether it is the bees flying around the flowering plants, the wild turkeys puffing out their feathers, or the laughter of clients as they’re picking blueberries, there is always activity around the…

woman participating in adventure therapy

How Adventure Therapy Can Help Young Adults Recover From Addiction

When you and your family are researching the appropriate substance addiction programs for your young adult, you may encounter references to adventure therapy and wonder what role it can play in assisting your loved one back to full health and well-being. Adventure therapy has been a prominent, distinct form of psychotherapy since the 1960s, with…

woman finding success at the red oak recovery womens program

Red Oak Recovery® Set To Open Women’s Program August 15, 2014

Red Oak Recovery®, a leading young adult drug and alcohol treatment center, is pleased to announce the opening of its womens substance abuse and co-occurring treatment program on August 15, 2014. This clinically sophisticated program and trauma-informed care is designed to support young adult women ages 18-30 in healing emotionally, spiritually, and physically. According to…

woman in need of mental health support in north carolina

Feeling ‘At One’ With The Right Mental Health Support In North Carolina

None of us want to feel unsettled in our lives. We don’t want to be merely struggling by in life, troubled by unresolved psychological issues. However, many of us do have problems managing mind, body and spirit, and when this is the case, the most appropriately tailored and sensitive support – like the mental health…

man at red oak recovery leading addiction rehab in north carolina

Red Oak Recovery®, One Of The Leading Addiction Rehab Centers In North Carolina

It can be an immense source of worry if there is a young adult in your life who is struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. In such a circumstance, you may have started looking up addiction rehab centers in North Carolina, in the hope of finding one that uses research-supported clinical methodologies…

red oak recovery press release woman in field

Press Release: Red Oak Recovery® Set To Open April 16, 2014

Substance Abuse Treatment program will target young adults’ “developmental sweet spot.” Leicester, North Carolina, March 31st, 2014:  Red Oak Recovery®, an adventure-based drug and alcohol treatment program located in the Smokey Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina will begin accepting clients on April 16th 2014. The program, founded by treatment industry veterans Jack Kline and Mark Oerther,…