woman experiencing culinary arts benefits post rehab

Culinary Arts Benefit Clients During Active & Post Rehab Process

At Red Oak Recovery, clients embrace gardening, cooking and eating as key parts of their recovery program. Nutrition plays an integral role in physical and emotional healing, and residents discover this by growing and harvesting their food, taking culinary classes, and making nutritional lifestyle changes that give them energy and stamina for their sobriety journey.…

benefits of animal assisted addiction therapy

Animal-Assisted Addiction Therapy

The internet is overrun with animal videos and cute animal memes: evidence of our love for animal antics. Now, therapists are using the human affinity for animals as a treatment pathway for mental and physical conditions, including addiction—and the results are nothing short of amazing. Positive Human Responses to Therapy Animals Pets and rescue animals…

holiday eating in balance for recovery

Tips To Keep Your Holiday Eating In Balance

If you are a young adult in recovery from disordered eating, you may be wary of the approaching holiday celebrations. How will you be able to face the abundance of food and drink? How will you cope with the scrutiny of concerned relatives? How will you resist slipping back into unhealthy behaviors? Use These 5…

individual redefining creativity during recovery

Redefining Creativity During Your Recovery Journey

If you’ve bought into the myth that you must use drugs or alcohol to “spur your creativity,” you’re not alone. For decades, artists, musicians and other creatives have been credited with producing great works of art when they were drinking or using. Unfortunately, many of these creative geniuses have died at the hands of their…

family history guide to treatment and why you need it

Is Your Family History A Guide To Treatment?

One size does not fit all when it comes to alcohol and addiction treatment. You are an individual, and the treatment model that works for you will be based on your unique characteristics and experiences. Addiction counselors and clinicians are learning; however, that a look into your family history can provide valuable clues to the…

the dangers of smoking during rehab

Think Twice Before Lighting Up During Rehab

For young people working their way through addiction treatment, a smoking habit may seem like the “lesser of evils.” Not so. In addition to cancer and disease risk associated with cigarettes, a recent study now shows that smoking actually increases the risk for relapse among recovering alcoholics. “Quitting smoking will improve anyone’s health. But our…

preparing garden for winter through recovery

Preparing The Garden For Winter – And Yourself For Life

Autumn at Red Oak Recovery is filled with activity as we harvest the last bounty of our garden and mountain orchard. All hands join in to harvest apples, and tomatoes are picked green before the first frost and hung to ripen. Fall vegetables like winter squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins add variety and rich nutrition…

man experiencing the advantages of sober living

The Advantages Of Sober Living After Treatment

For many recovering addicts, and particularly for young people, the transition back home from a treatment facility can be a very challenging time. Experts note that most relapses occur within the first 90 days of the recovery period, with the home environment being especially difficult for a variety of reasons. For some young adults, the…

individual experiencing addiction risk in males

Addiction In Males: Risks, Treatment, and Recovery

While addiction is an issue that affects just about every imaginable demographic group, research has shown that there are stark differences in the respective addiction experiences of men and women. Addiction experts have pointed out that from a societal standpoint, boys and men have historically been rewarded for behaviors like risk-taking, competitiveness, and impulsiveness. In…

man struggling with prescription drug abuse

Pill Popping & Prescription Drug Abuse

The statistics are staggering. At just five percent of the world’s population, the U.S. consumed 75% of the world’s prescription drugs in 2010. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 54.2% of people taking prescription drugs got them from a friend or relative—not their physician. And 62% of teens surveyed said that they take…