woman participating in transcendental meditation

Transcendental Meditation Shown to Lessen Trauma Symptoms

Transcendental meditation, a technique used to acknowledge and push away distracting thoughts and promote relaxed awareness, has been found to significantly reduce trauma symptoms in female prisoner inmates, according to a new study published in The Permanente Journal. The inmates were taught Transcendental Meditation by certified teachers, and practiced the relaxation technique 20 minutes twice…

woman having a stress proof diet

Caregivers: Steps to Stress-Proof Your Diet

Have you ever effortlessly finished off a bag of chips or box of cookies after visiting your loved one in rehab? Have you noticed that your pants are getting a bit snug? Does working out seem like a selfish and lofty goal right now? If you’re a caregiver and answered “yes” to these questions, you’re…

the need for rehab this holiday season

Make the Most of Rehab This Holiday Season

Being in rehab during the holidays is tough – but it may also be crucial to your long-term sobriety. Food and alcohol-laden parties can be tricky to navigate. Plus, there’s the added stress and emotions from ramped-up family time. And, if you don’t have close family ties, you may also be struggling with feelings of loneliness.…

woman and her digestive health

Dos and Don’ts of Digestive Health

Years of alcohol or drug abuse can wreak havoc on your gut. Plus, some studies suggest that your digestive health can impact your overall mental health. This is because gut bacteria has been found to play a key role in anxiety and depression, influencing how you think and how you feel. Luckily, boosting your digestive health…

couple practicing habits of grateful people

3 Habits of Grateful People

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it’s a perfect time to take a look at how gratitude can play a positive role in your life – even after the leftovers are eaten and the family china is packed away. Being thankful for little things or “having an attitude of gratitude” has been touted by…

couple works to become better listeners

How to Become a Better Listener

Now that you’re in recovery, you have an incredible opportunity to make things right in your life, including repairing any relationships that may have been neglected during your addiction. A good starting point is to learn how to be an active listener. This simple yet overlooked skill will help you build rapport, understanding, and trust…

smart snacking in recovery for health

Smart Snacking for Better Recovery

Healthy snacking isn’t just smart, it’s also an essential part of your recovery plan. After all, proper nutrition is key to healing your body and mind from the damage of addiction. And staying properly nourished throughout the day will give you more energy and focus to complete recovery tasks and distinguish hunger cues from cravings.…

the willows at red oak recovery 320 x 131

The Willows at Red Oak Recovery Expands

Red Oak Recovery, a leading trauma Informed substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment facility for young adults, announces the expansion of our gender separate women’s program, The Willows at Red Oak Recovery This expansion will allows us to serve 18 women on a completely separate 38 acre campus located 25 minutes outside of downtown Asheville,…