woman wonders is addiction a disease

Is Addiction a Disease?

You may be asking yourself is addiction a disease? Many people don’t realize that addiction is actually a very dangerous brain disease. It is classified this way because addiction affects the body’s ability to function, just like cancer and cardiovascular disease adversely affect the body. The way addiction affects the mind and body is similar…

therapist discusses inpatient vs outpatient

Inpatient vs Outpatient: What’s the Difference?

When deciding on drug rehab therapy, deciding inpatient vs outpatient can be a difficult decision. What’s the difference? Is one better than the other? Both types of rehab exist because they suit different needs. In the same way that everyone’s struggle with substance addiction is different, everyone’s approach to choosing addiction treatment programs is, too.…

financial health tips

Tips for Better Financial Health

Drug and alcohol abuse can certainly weigh heavy on your wallet — both in terms of paying for the addictive substance and the time taken away from other activities, including work. Financial problems are often cited as a possible symptom of addiction. This is partly because active addiction can cause you to neglect important money matters,…

mediterranean diet to fight depression

Can a Mediterranean Diet Help Depression?

According to a new study, sticking to a Mediterranean diet and getting nutritional support could be a powerful duo when it comes to depression symptoms. Although the study was small – involving 67 participants with major depressive disorder – the results were striking: Nearly a third of those who got support from a clinical dietician…