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What Is Avoidant Personality Disorder?

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What Is Avoidant Personality Disorder?

Social isolation isn’t always something people have to deal with due to health limitations. It can also occur due to avoidance personality disorder, a condition in which a person works to avoid social encounters out of fear of rejection. In some cases, this can lead to depression or occur alongside it. It impacts the quality of life and mental health. With avoidance personality disorder treatment, a person can overcome these challenges to live a healthier life. At Red Oak Recovery®, we aim to make that possible. Contact us today at 866.457.7590 to learn about your treatment options.

How Does Avoidant Personality Disorder Occur?

An avoidant personality disorder is a type of mental health disorder that stems from feelings of rejection, nervousness, or fear. A person who displays this disorder’s characteristics is likely to have a negative view of themselves and feel inadequate around others. They feel as though they will be judged negatively in some way. However, they still want to interact with others and engage in social situations. They cannot seem to do so because of how intense their fear of rejection is.

What Are the Symptoms of This Disorder?

For people with this disorder, symptoms typically revolve around social interactions. A person may choose to remain in social isolation than to deal with and embrace emotions. Typically, this is a pattern of behavior that follows a person over time. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Feeling hurt by criticism or another person’s disapproval
  • Having few friends
  • Experiencing anxiety when being in a social setting
  • Feeling self-conscious, awkward, and embarrassed
  • Poor self-image and lack of confidence
  • Feelings of depression or being left out
  • Less likely to try something new or engage in conversations

What Happens in Avoidant Personality Disorder Treatment?

A person who has this personality disorder can benefit from treatment. That treatment will improve the negative thought patterns that are often present in someone experiencing this condition. Avoidance personality disorder treatment tends to be difficult for a person to do simply because of this condition’s characteristics.

Psychotherapy tends to be the first step. It allows a person to work closely with a counselor to change the way they think. This is done through cognitive-behavioral therapy. This therapy will address negative or irrational thoughts, overcome fear, and embrace social isolation changes.

Some medications may be helpful as well. For some, antidepressant medications may be useful, especially if a person has depression and this condition. These medications can help treat the anxiety felt when engaging in social interactions.

How Can Our Team Offer Help to You Through Treatment?

Engaging in avoidant personality disorder treatment is the first step at living a more engaging life. Those who embrace it can control more of their actions and improve their ability to talk with others, engage in relationships, and build friendships. It may also help individuals gain more self-confidence and treat any underlying causes such as depression, trauma, or unrealistic thoughts.

If you feel stuck and unable to overcome these fears and thoughts, reach out to our team for help. At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer a range of supportive, structured therapies that can help change daily life, including:

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An avoidant personality disorder may be impacting you, along with depression, fear of rejection, social isolation, and other emotional and mental health challenges. Yet, your future is bright when you seek out avoidant personality disorder treatment. Our team at Red Oak Recovery® can offer support. Learn more by connecting with us online or calling our team at 866.457.7590.