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Seeking Help For Anger Management

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Seeking Help For Anger Management

Most people experience anger at some points in their life. They feel the intensity of losing control and the frustration of a situation intensely. Yet, some people experience it more profoundly, requiring the need for anger management help. If that’s you, know that anger management techniques do not change who you are, nor do they make it impossible for you to express your frustration. Instead, anger management teaches you how to express that stress more effectively. At Red Oak Recovery®, you’ll learn how to see an improvement that’s best for your life. Contact our team today at 866.457.7590 for more information about our dual diagnosis treatment options.

What Is Anger Management?

The term is often used in everyday language and often comes with a negative stigma. Yet, anger management help is a process that helps a person see when they are becoming angry. It then allows the person to recognize the need to calm down. They learn how to do that and then change their behaviors to deal with the current situation more effectively and productively.

Anger management techniques do not encourage a person to bottle up their feelings. Instead, they learn how to use anger as the healthy emotion that it is. It is how you express that emotion that often needs to change for the betterment of all involved.

Who Needs Anger Management Help?

Anger management techniques are taught as a way of helping a person to change their expression of anger. This treatment improves communication and often improves situations. Some key signs a person needs this include:

  • Feelings of irritation and hostility
  • Needing to hold in anger
  • Arguments with others that often escalate
  • Avoiding problems because of anger outbursts
  • Physical violence as a result of anger

Often a person doesn’t recognize their need for anger management. That may be because they believe seeking therapy is a way to quiet their feelings or not effectively express them.

What Happens in Treatment?

Several anger management techniques help a person learn to recognize and control their outbursts and angry reactions. Often, in these sessions, a person will work with a counselor to discuss what factors lead to anger development and why that may be. They may learn how to apply specific skills to control anger, such as learning to catch the early warning signs of a trigger. They will learn to identify situations that bring on anger and how to manage them through changing thought processes.

Another significant component of anger management is improving communication. This treatment includes learning to express frustration, anger, and even fear without expressions of violence. It also means learning to communicate in such a way as to resolve conflicts.

How Can Our Team Provide Treatment Support for You?

At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer anger management therapy to those experiencing challenges in life. Some may have turned to drug and alcohol use to manage these feelings. We can help with this type of addiction as well. Treatment for anger is effective at helping a person to be heard more effectively.

Learn more about our services and therapies such as:

  • Men’s rehab program
  • Family therapy programs
  • Holistic healing tools
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Call Red Oak Recovery® for Help

Anger management help from Red Oak Recovery® provides an opportunity for you or a loved one to embrace change. No matter why you need anger management, adopting these strategies and tools may effectively deal with stress and trauma. Embracing the anger management techniques taught at Red Oak Recovery® can help to create a strong, healthy outlook on life. To get anger management help, call our team now at 866.457.7590 or connect with us online.