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4 Ways to Move On After Sober Living

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4 Ways to Move On After Sober Living

When you are in a sober living treatment program, you are surrounded by individuals in the same situation. You have routines and are around trained staff who can support you through your sobriety. However, a time will come when you need to move on from your sober living program and continue with your life. When this time comes, it is essential to know how you will move on and thrive in the world. By having a plan in place, you can gain strategies for relapse prevention. If you have questions about sober living treatment programs, reach out to Red Oak Recovery® today at 866.457.7590.

Practice Maintaining & Sticking To A Budget

During your time at a sober living program, you will not have to pay bills the same way you do in the world. While treatment centers are not free, they do not require you to make sure you pay your bills by the due date. When you exit sober living, you need to be prepared to meet the financial needs of your life. Make sure you practice how to maintain and stick to a budget. This practice will limit the amount of stress you feel each time you see a bill with your name on it.

Create Short Term & Long Term Goals

After completing sober living treatment, you have achieved an extraordinary goal on your lifelong road to sobriety. Once you return to your home, you need to create short term and long term goals. These goals will help you create a path for your new sober life and increase your relapse prevention. When you have dreams you wish you achieve, the idea of returning to substances will seem far less appealing.

Continue Your Structured Routines

Your sober living facility will have you on routines. These routines allow you to focus on other tasks. It is essential to continue your structured routines even when you return home. Without your patterns, you may slip back into your old habits. Consistent routines best support relapse prevention. Whether it is walking your dog at 6 o’clock on the dot or making sure you do your laundry every Sunday morning, your routines will help you maintain your sobriety.

Volunteer In Your Community

In addition, you may want to consider volunteering in your community. When you exit a sober living program, you will return to your old life. If your friends do not support or understand your desire for sobriety, you will need to rely on your support circle while finding new friends. Volunteering allows you to meet wonderful individuals who likely share many of the same values you do. The individuals you meet can soon become friends that support your decision and support you through your sobriety.

Learn More About The Sober Living Program You Deserve

Addiction can be challenging, and admitting you need help can be incredibly difficult. You are not alone. If you or your loved one suffer from addiction and need help, our sober living and treatment programs can help. We proudly offer a number of high-quality programs:

Red Oak Recovery® dedicates itself to providing the very best facility and treatment. When you choose to live a life of sobriety, you deserve the best treatment possible. When you reach out to Red Oak Recovery®, we are here to support you through your treatment. Please call us at 866.457.7590 to learn more about our sober living program and other treatment options.