woman that could benefit from mindfulness

Long-Time Drug Addicted Young Adults May Be Assisted By Mindfulness

Substance abuse therapists across the United States will be interested to learn of recent research pointing to the usefulness of mindfulness training in reducing the deficits in natural reward processing that may arise for those with more chronic pain and drug addiction issues. This should be reassuring news for those drug-dependent people who do not…

girl is one of the young adults struggling with comorbidity

What The Young Adult Needs To Know About Comorbidity

A great many of those who are admitted to a young adult rehab program present with more than one disorder or illness, a phenomenon known as comorbidity. Any given young adult may have both emotional and substance abuse issues simultaneously, or they may have developed one prior to the other. Indeed, the two coexisting illnesses…

man suffering as an urban minority youth drug abuse and depression

Self-Control Shields Urban Minority Youth From Drug Abuse And Depression

It should certainly interest many of those families considering young adult recovery programs to read the findings of recent research by Dr. Kerstin Pahl and colleagues at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine. The study found self-control among 14 year old urban African Americans and Puerto Ricans to strongly predict low levels of…

drug addiction in your young adult young girl is evidence

How To Respond If You Suspect Drug Addiction In Your Young Adult

Have you noticed your young adult or adolescent behaving differently recently, with no obvious explanation? Perhaps they always seem to be tired, hostile or depressed? Alternatively, they may simply appear withdrawn. If this is the case, your loved one may have a drug-related problem necessitating the right attention – such as from a young adult…

men struggling with both marijuana use and mental illness

How Marijuana Use And Mental Illness May Be Linked

If there is one explanation for the popularity of services offering mental health support in North Carolina among the families who may be concerned about the drug use of their teen or young adult, it is because of the correlation between mental illness and the abuse of drugs like marijuana. Indeed, studies have been carried…

woman smoking while male and female brains affected differently by cigarette

Male And Female Brains Affected Differently By Cigarette Smoking

It is of interest to those benefiting from gender-specific programs of the leading addiction rehab centers in North Carolina to read of the difference in brain activation during smoking between men and women. Yale University researchers drew upon a new method of brain imaging scan analysis for a recent study, which received funding from the…

woman experiences smoking cessation nicotine metabolism rates

Success Of Smoking Cessation Treatments May Depend On Nicotine Metabolism Rates

Anyone contemplating the services of North Carolina treatment programs offered to young adults may wish to take time out to read some recent research. A new study took the form of a randomized clinical trial of smokers attempting to quit, and found that the speed with which a given person’s body metabolizes nicotine may impact…

man is evidence that marijuana use increase likelihood of nicotine consumption

Marijuana Use May Increase Likelihood Of Nicotine Consumption

In news of relevance to anyone using the services of a young adult treatment center as well as their relatives and loved ones, research has recently been conducted suggesting that marijuana use may add to the pleasure experienced with tobacco use and may heighten the user’s risk of nicotine addiction. These are the findings of…

man in a crash from driving after marijuana use

Driving After Marijuana Use Now More Prevalent Than Drunk Driving Among High School Seniors

One recent study highlighting the need for a young adult treatment center in 2014 to be as well-equipped to cater for marijuana-addicted young adults as for those with other substance abuse issues came from the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. The 2011 survey found that almost 1 in 6…