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Will Clifton, VA Drug Rehab Centers Help With Co-Occurring Disorders?

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Will Clifton, VA Drug Rehab Centers Help With Co-Occurring Disorders?

Many individuals with mental health disorders have to deal with more than one. In fact, co-occurring disorders are quite common. When suffering from more than one disorder, it’s essential to get treatment for both. Not treating both problems can result in relapse after treatment. However, not all Clifton, VA drug rehab centers will provide the help you need to address both issues. Instead, consider seeking out a men’s rehab center in Asheville, NC, for the treatment you need.

What Are Co-occurring Disorders?

Co-occurring disorders or coexisting disorders appear in people who suffer from substance use and another mental illness. For example, maybe someone suffers from alcohol abuse and depression. Any mental illness can accompany a substance use disorder. However, a few of them are more common, including:

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• Anxiety

It’s also important to note that anxiety is an umbrella term that includes a wide assortment of disorders. Social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorders are two examples — those who suffer from anxiety benefit from seeking the guidance of a therapist.

Because of the obstacles co-occurring disorders can present, it can be hard to find Clifton, VA drug rehab centers that can properly help. While a Clifton, VA men’s rehab might feel like the only choice due to convenience, it’s crucial to consider treatment out of state for the best help possible.

Why Do Substance Use and Mental Disorders Appear Frequently Together?

People who suffer from mental disorders typically look for ways to cope with them. While they should seek professional help, few do. Instead, many look for ways that they can cope with their mental disorder alone. This may cause them to turn to drugs to help mask or get some relief from their disorders.

With a social anxiety disorder, for example, people develop anxiety when they’re around others. To mask this anxiety or get relief, they may turn to drugs that make them feel more outgoing, including alcohol. Unfortunately, drugs don’t fix the cause of the mental disorder.

Instead, drugs cover up the problem. People have to keep using them to maintain the relief that they want. Eventually, they have to take more or higher doses to get any relief because they build up a tolerance.

In the end, self-medication doesn’t work because it doesn’t deal with the cause of the problem. Whether it’s grief, loss, or past experiences, it’s important to deal with underlying issues. Once people are able to address them, they can finally free themselves from the burden.

Addiction and Mental Disorders

Individuals who continue to use substances eventually develop an addiction. Unfortunately, addiction is a mental disorder. Studies show that after the brain develops a mental disorder, it’s easy for another to develop.

It’s even possible to develop addiction before other mental disorders. For example, people who have an alcohol addiction can develop depression.

In either case, it’s crucial to deal with all co-occurring disorders together. Failure to do so can result in relapse after completing treatment. Thankfully, most rehab centers offer dual diagnosis treatment. This treatment focuses on not only addiction but also other underlying issues.

Get Help for Coexisting Problems at Red Oak Recovery®

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