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Will Brentwood, TN Drug Rehab Centers Offer Outdoor Therapy?

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Will Brentwood, TN Drug Rehab Centers Offer Outdoor Therapy?

When it comes to rehab, people can choose from a range of programs to help them overcome addiction. However, some rehab centers only focus on traditional treatment methods. While these are important aspects of any treatment plan, it’s just as essential to include holistic approaches. Outdoor therapy is one example of a holistic treatment option. Unfortunately, some Brentwood, TN, drug rehab centers lack this option for treatment. If you believe you would benefit from outdoor therapy, consider men’s rehab programs in Asheville, NC, instead.

What Is Outdoor Therapy?

Outdoor therapy is a type of adventure therapy that focuses on interpersonal self-improvement and behavior adjustment. There are actually many names for this type of therapy, including wilderness therapy and outdoor behavioral health care. Regardless of its name, it focuses on combining group and individual therapy in a wilderness setting.

Outdoor therapy emerged in the 1940s. Despite its long history, few rehab centers use it. Of course, some centers don’t offer wilderness therapy because they don’t have the right locations to practice it. To offer it, they must have access to plenty of outdoor space.

In general, outdoor rehab programs work best for young adults. However, adults can benefit from these programs as well. It really depends on how open they are to this treatment method. Available Brentwood, TN, drug rehab centers might not offer these unique options for treatment, which can hinder your chances of achieving recovery. While there are available Brentwood, TN men’s rehab options, they might not be your best fit for treatment.

How Does Wilderness Therapy Work?

How rehab centers perform outdoor therapy differs from location to location. In some cases, the programs last for eight to 12 weeks. During that time, the participants live at a base camp.

Other facilities schedule single-day trips. The participants usually camp for the night and return to their rehab centers the next day. Throughout treatment, they may go on 25 to 35-day trips.

Lastly, some outdoor therapy programs take place during a single outing. These programs don’t require people to camp out. Instead, they participate in group and individual therapy sessions and then return to their rehab centers. They might include some outdoor activities too, such as team sports, skiing, or white-water rafting.

Regardless of the approach that a rehab center takes, the goal is still the same. Wilderness therapy guides people toward self-respect and self-reliance. Both of these factors are key in helping them live normal lives after rehab. Studies also show that outdoor behavioral health care encourages social skills and sheds new light on problems.

Where Does Wilderness Therapy Usually Take Place?

Most people think of wilderness therapy as a treatment that occurs in the woods. However, the only requirement for this method is an outdoor setting. It can happen in an open field, on the beach, or on a mountain.

In general, outdoor programs change depending on the location of the rehab centers. For those near the ocean, the beach is a prime location to hold therapy sessions. In other locations, the participants may go on nature hikes or camp in the mountains.

Brentwood, TN, Drug Rehab Centers Aren’t The Only Option

While it may feel like Brentwood, TN, drug rehab centers are your only options for treatment, and there are other options for help out of state. Red Oak Recovery® in North Carolina is proud to provide outdoor therapies for our clients to help them rediscover nature as they recover. We provide a range of therapies and services for our clients that include the following:

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