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Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder in a Loved One

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Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder in a Loved One

Feeling anxious about meeting a new person or speaking in front of others is not unusual or unhealthy. Yet, for some people, social interaction is complicated and, in some ways, debilitating. This condition, also known as social phobia, a person with a social anxiety disorder has an intense fear of judgment or rejection from other people. If your loved one’s ability impacts their ability to engage with others or creates isolation, treatment is available. At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer a range of therapies that can provide support to your loved one. To learn more about our services, please contact our team today at 866.457.7590.

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder?

A person with social anxiety disorder fears engaging with people they do not know well, impacting their quality of life. Often, this condition develops in teenagers and worsens into adulthood if the individual does not get treatment. It can cause a range of damage to a person’s overall mental health and life, including leading to difficulty finding friends, not being able to go on a job interview, or limiting activities with others, creating isolation.

How Do I Know If My Loved One Is Battling Social Anxiety?

Symptoms differ from one person to the next but often center around a debilitating fear of being in social situations. Over time, a person refuses to engage with others, may not leave home, and may experience intense anxiety and distress if they need to do so. Some people have a combination of mental health and physical symptoms such as a racing heart, sweating, and a panic attack.

Some of the most common symptoms of a social anxiety disorder include:

  • Communicating fears about social situations where people may judge them
  • Appearing preoccupied embarrassing or humiliating themselves in front of others
  • Expressing anxiousness or that something is wrong
  • Not wanting to talk to strangers or interact with others
  • Appearing to be physically uneasy when thinking about social situations
  • Expecting the worst from any social activity

If your loved one is showing these symptoms, it may be time to find a men’s anxiety treatment program, such as the one we offer at Red Oak Recovery®.

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment Options

A key component of treatment is to understand what is happening and why. To do that, doctors may work to rule out any physical cause of such symptoms. This condition often limits a person’s ability to function normally, leading to the need to engage in psychotherapy.

Talk therapy can open the door for understanding what is happening, correcting harmful and inaccurate thoughts, and creating strategies for dealing with challenging situations. It’s not possible to avoid social interaction for a person’s whole life and to remain happy and healthy in doing so. For that reason, individuals need to work through therapy programs that can help.

At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer treatment in a variety of settings. Some of our programs and therapies include:

Whenever possible, it becomes necessary for therapists to uncover the “why” behind these feels. That may be related to past trauma or a previous experience that left a person unable to engage with others. It may also be due to complex mental health disorders brought on by substance use disorder. Treatment for this condition can help ensure a person can engage with others and feels comfortable doing so.

Find the Treatment Your Loved One Needs at Red Oak Recovery®

Many people struggle with a social anxiety disorder and don’t realize there is help available to them. At Red Oak Recovery®, we aim to provide your loved one with the resources and support they need to overcome their symptoms and gain confidence. Learn more about our programs today by calling 866.457.7590 or connecting with us online.