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Teen Boys’ Drug Rehab in Charlottesville, VA vs NC

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Teen Boys’ Drug Rehab in Charlottesville, VA vs NC

When it comes to finding the right drug rehab for your teen boy, it’s essential to consider all of your options. For many families, the decision comes down to choosing between a treatment center in Charlottesville, VA, and one in North Carolina. Charlottesville is a beautiful city, home to the storied University of Virginia and Thomas Jefferson’s historic mansion and plantation of Monticello. The state is also, like much of the country, struggling with the effects of the opioid epidemic. In fact, an average of four Virginians die daily from opioids.1 With such staggering numbers, finding help is critical, and finding the appropriate treatment in Charlottesville, VA, can be challenging.

Consider various options if you are looking for a teen boys’ drug rehab in Charlottesville, VA. There are several excellent programs in states close to Charlottesville, including North Carolina. Red Oak Recovery® is a top-rated adolescent treatment program in North Carolina, just down I-81, specializing in helping teens overcome addiction and mental health issues. The program is designed to meet each teen’s unique needs and includes various holistic therapies and activities. Call 866.457.7590 today and help your teen get on the path of recovery.

Therapy Options For Charlottesville Teens

A variety of holistic therapies are available for teen boys, including wilderness therapy. This therapy allows boys to reconnect with nature and their surroundings while helping them learn how to trust their instincts and build confidence.

Other holistic therapies that are beneficial for teen boys include:

  • Art therapy
  • Fitness therapy
  • Yoga
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Holistic therapies can help teen boys in different ways. If you are looking for a way to help your son, consider enrolling him in a rehabilitation and treatment center that offers alternative therapies.

Addiction Treatment in Charlottesville, VA vs. North Carolina

Virginia and North Carolina both offer substance misuse facilities. However, each state has strengths and weaknesses:

North Carolina

North Carolina offers several teen-specific drug rehab programs, including ones that focus on outdoor activities and adventure-based therapy. Some of these programs are located in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, which can provide a much-needed change of scenery for teens struggling with addiction.

In addition, North Carolina has several programs specifically for teens, which can be a valuable resource for teens and their families. Age-specific programming can help teen boys feel comfortable in their skin. Fitness training and nature meditation can help teens find themselves in a world where they may be suffering from trauma or mental health issues.

Charlottesville, VA

Virginia also offers many teen-specific drug rehab programs, but many are located in more urban areas. Depending on your teen’s needs, this can be good or bad. Virginia also has several 12-step meetings specifically for teens, which can be a valuable resource for them and their families.

North Carolina may be a better option if you’re looking for a more traditional treatment setting. But if your teen is looking for a more urban environment, Virginia may be a better fit.

Teen Boys Addiction Treatment in Charlottesville, VA: Consider Red Oak Recovery®

Red Oak Recovery® is a residential treatment center in North Carolina designed for young men struggling with addiction. We offer a specialized program for teenage boys ages 13-17 in which we provide various treatment options to meet the unique needs of each teen.

We offer a safe and structured environment for teens to heal from their struggles with mental health, addiction, and trauma. Our highly trained staff provides individualized care to help each teen reach their full potential.

We provide a variety of holistic therapies, including wilderness and animal therapy. We also offer individual and group therapy to help our teens succeed in school and prepare for their future.

If you are the parent or guardian looking for a teen boys rehab center in Charlottesville, VA, we encourage you to reach out to us today at 866.457.7590. We can help your child get back on track and find a path to a bright future.

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