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The Need for Social Anxiety Support

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The Need for Social Anxiety Support

Social anxiety disorder is an adverse condition. You feel out of tune in most social situations. In fact, you can’t properly function when there are others around. Social anxiety support as part of rehab can make a significant difference in your recovery.

Understanding the Depth of Social Anxiety

young woman in need of social anxiety supportThis type of anxiety isn’t about being nervous when around a new group of people. It’s not “stage fright” or the fear of public speaking. Instead, it’s a condition that manifests with physiological symptoms.

Your heart rate spikes and you’re sweating profusely. You may feel chest pains and don’t think you can go through with the social engagement. Experts believe that the root of this condition can be found in childhood trauma resulting in low self-esteem. You’re afraid that other people will judge you. Failure is a real-life phobia for you.

Understanding the Need for Social Anxiety Support in Addiction Treatment

Did you know that people with social anxiety disorder have a high risk of developing substance use problems? You may have noticed that a few drinks tend to loosen you up a little. Alcohol counteracts your inhibitions. Cocaine boosts your energy levels and gives you a false sense of self-confidence.

Developing a dependency is easy. Before long, you don’t trust yourself to do anything without the drug in your system. You don’t want to quit. But now it’s creating other problems, and you know you have to stop using.

Many young adult rehab programs now incorporate an anxiety treatment program in their modalities. Therapists understand that social anxiety disorder frequently presents as a co-occurring mental health condition. Treatments might include:

  • Behavioral therapy that helps you identify negative thoughts and actions, which you then replace with healthy ones
  • Family therapy, which brings in those closest to you for healing and developing your support network
  • Wilderness therapy that introduces activities for building self-esteem and self-reliance
  • Gender-specific group therapy sessions as vehicles for developing healthy coping skills in social settings
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that addresses social anxiety and introduces pharmacological support if necessary

Why Group Therapy Holds the Key to Healing

People with a social anxiety disorder crave nothing more than friendship and acceptance. They want people to recognize them for who they are. However, they fear that it won’t happen. In fact, they don’t even get to be themselves.

That’s why dual diagnosis treatment is a vital component of rehab. That said, the key to healing is in group therapy. A therapist puts together the groups that consist of peers in recovery. You meet together for addiction education or to discuss a specific topic.

As you progress, affirmation of peers helps you overcome some of the anxiety. You grow in your ability to relate to others. Before long, you feel more comfortable in small groups. You still need psychotherapy, but you’re on the road to recovery.

When you’re ready to find social anxiety support, reach out to Red Oak Recovery®. Let us help you overcome your substance use problem. Find out more about your options from the experts by calling 866-457-7590 today.