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Overcoming Codependency: A How-To Guide

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Overcoming Codependency: A How-To Guide

When you’re in a relationship, it can be hard to recognize issues. You feel as though your connection is healthy, while the reality is you’re in a toxic situation. For some, this occurs by accident. For others, there can be malice from one side. If you are in this type of relationship, you may need help with overcoming codependency.

There’s Nothing Romantic about Codependency

young man using drugs while needing help with overcoming codependencySo what does it mean if you’re struggling with codependency? This type of relationship occurs when there’s an unhealthy dependence or reliance on the significant other. It takes place when one individual is enabling the drug use or addiction of their partner.

If you’re abusing drugs or alcohol, your partner helps enable and even support the negative behavior. They help you use, buy the substance of choice, and even cover up signs of your addiction.

So what makes you stay? There’s emotional manipulation. Low self-esteem and an inability to maintain a healthy relationship with another person keep someone there. A serious physical or emotional need chains the other person to the relationship.

How Overcoming Codependency Works

Overcoming codependency begins with overcoming your addiction. You start healing by going to drug rehab. When you make this decision, you shouldn’t worry about your partner. Your health and well-being need to come before any other relationship in your life. The space from your partner can also help you both see the destructive behaviors and tendencies that are present.

It’s impossible to start working on the relationship if you’re still dealing with substance use. Talk to your therapist about your concerns. If you believe to be in a codependent relationship, some mental health treatment options may help. Examples include:

  • Family counseling that establishes healthy communication styles
  • Intensive family therapy, which helps with creating boundaries and role expectations
  • Wilderness therapy, which is a practice that allows participants to build self-esteem and self-reliance
  • Psychotherapy as a means for overcoming people-pleasing behaviors and replacing dysfunction with healthy ways of thinking and acting
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders that fuel codependency

How to Find Help When Codependency Makes Overcoming Substance Use Difficult

When you know that something’s wrong, but your partner won’t support your effort to change, it’s vital to get assistance. Therapists have the training to help you deal with the substance use as well as the relationship struggles you’re facing. Don’t put off overcoming codependency and search for young adult rehab programs. Get help today by calling Red Oak Recovery® at 866-457-7590.