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Mindfulness Meditation: A Holistic Approach

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Mindfulness Meditation: A Holistic Approach

If you’re struggling with stress and healthy coping mechanisms, you may find success using mindfulness meditation as a way to quiet your emotions and focus on solutions. Many people who deal with stress, depression, and anxiety turn to substance and alcohol abuse as a way to cope with unpleasant feelings. Mindfulness meditation can be a healthy alternative to help people who struggle with substance use regain control over their lives. At Red Oak Recovery®, we believe in using treatment methods that help you regain your sense of self. Even though addiction can feel overwhelming, you are so much more than your substance use or drinking problem. We use experiential and mindfulness methods, in combination with typical drug and alcohol treatment, to help you get your life back, one choice at a time.

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

To understand mindfulness meditation, we must first understand the two words that make up the term. Mindfulness describes metacognition or thinking about one’s thinking. Meditation involves a sustained period of reflection. When we put the two together, we get a sustained period of thinking about one’s thinking/ thoughts. Mindfulness meditation allows you to explore thought patterns that lead to desirable and undesirable behaviors.

Meditation And Addiction

All of our behaviors begin with thoughts, no matter how automatic the behaviors may feel. When we take a step back and meditate on our thoughts, we have the opportunity to find faulty thinking patterns that lead us to behave in undesirable ways. When you’re a person who struggles with alcohol or substance use, your brain likely responds to stress by telling you to have a drink/use to relieve the negative emotion.

Mindfulness meditation allows you to interrupt these thoughts that seem nearly automatic, and rewire your brain in a way that gives you more control over your thinking and behavioral patterns. Mindfulness meditation takes practice, and it’s normal if you struggle to stay focused at first. When you enter treatment at Red Oak Recovery®, we’ll work with you to teach you the art of mindfulness meditation.

Treatment At Red Oak Recovery®

We know that asking for help is a big step, and we’re glad that you’re considering treatment. At Red Oak Recovery®, we create personalized treatment plans for our clients. We know that you have a unique history with addiction, and our treatment plan for you needs to reflect your individuality. Many of our clients find success by using several modalities of therapy, including:

As you progress through treatment, you’ll work with your counselor to ensure that you’re making efficient progress on the road to sobriety.

If You’re Ready To Make The Change, Call Red Oak Recovery®

We know it’s not easy to ask for help, and we’re glad you’re spending time looking up treatment options. We’re proud to provide judgment-free, compassionate care to all of our clients. If you’re ready to take the steps necessary to get your life back, we want to talk to you. When you call Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590, you’ll talk with a member of our enrollment staff. We’ll explain the enrollment process to you, and answer any questions that you may have about what treatment entails. There’s no pressure, and it’s ok to call simply to get more information on what we do.

When you’re in the throes of addiction, it can be hard to believe that everything can get back to normal, but recovery is possible. Our clients are living proof. When you’re ready to get your life back, call Red Oak Recovery®.