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Importance of Stress Management for Addiction and Other Issues

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Importance of Stress Management for Addiction and Other Issues

Stress is a problem that can cause a myriad of dangerous reactions, including excessive drug use and addiction. As a result, the importance of stress management is something that you must fully understand to ensure that you are protected and safe. Often, the pressures individuals face dealing with work, school, and family can push them to make risky decisions. Learning how to cope with, manage, and reduce stress is one relapse prevention method when in recovery. Also, it’s an effective means of treating addiction’s impact. Red Oak Recovery® understands the negative impact stress can have on individuals struggling with substance use disorder. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of programs, treatments, and therapies to help individuals manage their stress. To learn more about our men’s addiction treatment programs, contact our North Carolina treatment center today.

How Stress Impacts a Person’s Life

Stress is a troubling issue that can affect a person’s life for years and make it very hard for them to stay happy and healthy. That’s because stress is not just an emotional concern but a physical one as well. Multiple studies have shown that stress triggers a myriad of material changes in a person’s body that can cause damage to them in many ways, such as:

  • An increase in testosterone that makes them prepared for a danger that may not come, and can lead to other health concerns
  • A racing heart that can be easily damaged if you sustain the stress too long
  • Nausea and confusion if the pressure becomes too hard for a person to tolerate
  • Agitation and frustration that may cause anxiety and even depression
  • Weakness in the muscles and fatigue that can be hard to overcome
  • Troubles with focusing that can make daily tasks nearly impossible to finish

Unfortunately, many people often think that stress is something that either affects only them or which is something from which they cannot escape. This misunderstanding often causes people to avoid getting critical treatment and ends up costing them recovery time. Even worse, they may find that drug abuse is something that helps their symptoms and may end up suffering from a dangerous influx of substances. This situation makes the importance of stress management and relapse prevention very high.

The Importance of Stress Management for Addiction Care

Many people experience stress symptoms so severe that they start abusing drugs as a way of calming down. Unfortunately, all these people are doing is setting themselves up for addiction, which will ultimately worsen their stress and anxiety even further. As a result, the importance of stress management is something that you should not ignore when going through drug rehab.

First of all, you need to understand how your stress causes addictive patterns of behavior. Maybe you smoke marijuana at the end of a bad day or have a drink of alcohol. If you “need” these substances to feel healthy, then you have developed an unfortunate addiction that you should manage appropriately. Thankfully, the importance of stress management in this process is something that rehab programs fully understand.

For example, you will learn how to cope with your stress by using breathing exercises, meditation, and other types of relaxation. Moreover, you’ll learn how to manage the pressure of withdrawal through physical activity, personal contact with friends and loved ones, and much more.

Regain the Life You Love

As you can see, the importance of stress management is something that you should take seriously. So please call 866.457.7590 to contact us at Red Oak Recovery® to learn more. Our professionals fully understand the impact of stress on the body and the mind and will do what they can to help you recover. Verify your insurance online and reach out to us to get started on the path of sobriety.