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How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment

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How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment

In the U.S., many young adults have a substance use disorder (SUD). Around four percent of Americans are abusing prescription painkillers. Additionally, more have developed an alcohol disorder. The need for addiction treatment are many. So knowing how to choose the right addiction treatment is vital to your healing and recovery. To learn more, contact our men’s substance use treatment center today.

1.Ensure The Treatment Center Uses Evidence-Based (Clinical) Treatments

Alternative treatments support your recovery efforts. But, things like sauna therapy and acupuncture therapy don’t stand alone.

As a result, a rehab center should have a firm foundation in science. Their methods are proven to help people recover from addiction.

Evidence-based treatments include things like:

Knowing how to choose the right addiction treatment does require learning a little about what’s useful.

2. Do They Have Gender-Based Programs?

Another thing to consider when you’re wondering about how to choose the right addiction treatment is whether you need a men’s treatment program. Gender-based programs create a sense of safety and community you might not receive in a mixed group. These are especially vital if you have trauma related to the opposite sex. With gender-based treatment programs, you’re in a room with people who can more easily relate to your struggles as a man or woman. It’s vital, however, to look for an LGBTQ+-supportive environment since this may impact how gender-based programs work for you.

3. Look for a Rehab that Takes a Holistic Approach

Another thing to consider when thinking about how to choose the right addiction treatment is alternative methods of treatment. Evidence-based treatments are essential, of course. But you’re a whole person, not an addiction. You have to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Therefore, holistic programs focus on strengthening those areas of your health. They do so through things like:

  • Nutrition therapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Gardening therapy

Not only are holistic treatment programs more effective, but they are also rewarding. You’ll have a more positive and enjoyable time while you work toward recovery.

4. Do You Need Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis treatment is an integral part of determining what treatment is best for you. If you have both addiction and other mental health challenges, your therapists need to treat those at the same time with a dual diagnosis treatment plan. Otherwise, you end up in a vicious cycle. The mental illness makes the addiction worse and vice versa. Moreover, you may end up relapsing after you leave treatment.

5. Choose Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma builds up in the body. Unfortunately, many people who struggle with addiction have suffered some horrible stuff. Trauma may cause you to lash out against people trying to help you. Alternatively, you might shut down. Understandably, this may hinder your healing. Moreover, unresolved trauma can make it easier to fall back into old habits after rehab.

Trauma-informed therapists are compassionate. They help you feel safe and supported, even if you’ve been lied to and hurt by people who were supposed to protect you in the past. Knowing how to choose the right addiction treatment comes down to understanding your needs. In other words, how can a treatment center support your decision to recover?

How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment

Red Oak Recovery® offers you the individualized care you need to recover. Programs include all of the above. Our holistic programs support you in your goals for lasting recovery. If your life is spinning out of control, it’s time to find a treatment program that will work for you. Our addictions specialists are standing by to help you take the first steps when you contact Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590.