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How to Practice Mindfulness

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How to Practice Mindfulness

Learning how to practice mindfulness is a helpful tool in your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Too many people find it hard to cope with stress positively, and it’s difficult for them to relax. Unfortunately, they may turn to drug and alcohol abuse as a coping mechanism. Mindfulness is a practice that anyone can do as they participate in holistic healing. It’s beneficial for those overcoming addiction and navigating their way to better health.

What Is Mindfulness?

While many people find mindfulness in meditation, you don’t have to meditate to practice mindfulness. To be mindful simply means being aware of and fully present in the current moment. You’re focused on what’s happening right now: how you feel and what you see, hear and smell.

Sometimes, you’ll feel very calm. Other times, you’ll realize you have some negative emotions, such as anger. That’s normal. When you know how to practice mindfulness, you acknowledge whatever you’re feeling without being overwhelmed by it.

There’s No Mindfulness in Addiction

For someone in the grip of addiction, they find no joy in the present moment unless they’re using. Much of their time is spent either reliving painful events of the past or constantly worrying about the future. This brings about stress and anxiety that they seek to relieve through substance use.

When they learn how to practice mindfulness in rehab, they learn how to deal with what they’re feeling in the moment instead of looking for ways to escape it.

How to Practice Mindfulness for Life

client learning how to practice mindfulnessMindfulness isn’t just some holistic practice you use in addiction treatment. It’s something you can use for life.

Do you want to know how to practice mindfulness in addiction recovery? Try any of the following:

  • As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, concentrate on how your body feels. Focus on the sensations of stretching and how tired or alert you feel.
  • You can focus on your breathing at any time of day, but it’s always good practice to concentrate on breathing in and breathing out when you start feeling stressed or anxious.
  • Focus on the sound your feet make through crunchy leaves or how it feels to walk on soft grass as you practice mindful walking.
  • Instead of eating on the run and not fully enjoying your food, eat slowly. Enjoy the taste of everything and think about the various flavors and textures as you eat.

Your mind will wander when you first learn how to practice mindfulness. This is perfectly normal. Once you recognize this, bring your thoughts back to the present. Mindfulness training comes easier to some people than others, but everyone can be more mindful. It will take practice if it’s completely new to you. Start with a few minutes each day and gradually increase the time you spend being mindful.

A Safe Space to Begin Recovery

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Our addiction treatment programs include:

  • Men’s rehab program
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  • Individual counseling
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