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Mindfulness Training

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Many pieces of a puzzle have to come together when people want to get over an addiction. One part of this puzzle is the ability to control their thoughts and feelings. Believe it or not, all people have this ability. Using mindfulness training, they can learn how to use it to achieve and maintain their sobriety.

What Is Mindfulness Training?

man participating in mindfulness training during treatmentFor people to gather their thoughts, they need to work on being present in the current moment. That’s when mindfulness meditation comes in handy. It’s a holistic treatment style that improves their focus on being unconditionally present. Using mindfulness meditation, people are present in their own lives moment by moment. No matter what happens, they live and embrace in every minute. This ability not only gives them insight into their own lives but also helps them appreciate each moment. In addition, mindfulness trains people how to create space for themselves, including room to think and breathe. This space allows them to deal with anxiety and stress in natural and healthy ways. It also helps them deal with “wanting” minds.

Mindfulness Meditation and Addiction

How can mindfulness training assist people who struggle with addiction? First, it gives people a way to deal with intense emotions such as fear, anxiety, and pessimism. These emotions often lead them to use substances in the first place. This kind of meditation therapy also helps people deal with wanting minds. However, what does that mean? For many people, a wanting mind is behind their current state of unhappiness. It’s the idea that what they want will cure their problems. What people want varies from person to person. Some people want money or power, while others yearn for lasting relationships. Those who struggle with addiction typically want drugs. What they don’t know is that their wanting minds only cause more suffering. In general, their wanting minds make them hold onto thoughts and desires tightly. Sometimes, the wants that they don’t let go of are negative, such as emotions and beliefs. Mindfulness training can help people control their wanting minds better. It’s human nature to want things, so it’s impossible to be rid of wants completely. However, mindfulness meditation can make it easier.

Does Mindfulness Meditation Actually Work?

Yes, and studies back it up. In fact, mindfulness training changes how the brain works. Some studies even demonstrate that it changes the structure of the brain. People who use this type of therapy have increased activity in the prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain deals with positive emotions. An increase in positive emotions force out the negative ones. In the end, this process helps people deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. Over the past year, scientists have found growing evidence that supports the practice of mindfulness meditation. Most experts agree that mindfulness training isn’t enough to overcome addiction on its own. Although, they agree that it’s a great supplemental therapy alongside evidence-based treatments.

Let Red Oak Recovery® Help You Fight Substance Use

At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer addiction therapy services to young adults. We want to support the development of skills and traits that they need to overcome addiction in a healthy way. Mindfulness meditation is only one of the methods that we use to achieve that goal. Our facility offers a wide range of programs and services, including:

A lot of addiction treatment programs at Red Oak Recovery® focus on holistic treatments such as outdoor and adventure therapy. We also give all of our clients a nutritional evaluation to ensure that they get the nutrients that they need. Don’t try to overcome addiction alone. Let us teach you more about mindfulness training today. Seek proper help at Red Oak Recovery® by calling 866-457-7590.