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How to Get the Most Out of Family Therapy

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How to Get the Most Out of Family Therapy

The United States government defines addiction as a chronic disease identified by seeking drugs and using them. The use is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite its devastating results. According to SAMHSA, over 164 million people used an illicit substance within the month of the study in 2018. Many of those people do not get treatment and suffer from their addiction. Addiction is a disease that impacts the entire family. The pain and confusion of the family doesn’t just dissipate once a loved one enters rehab. Family therapy can help heal and strengthen the whole family bond and diminish the negative impact of substance use for all members.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Patients who include family therapy as part of their overall addiction treatment tend to have better engagement and higher rates of sobriety. Some other benefits of family therapy at an addiction treatment center in NC include:
  • Learning healthy boundaries and enabling behaviors
  • Understanding of family patterns and dynamic
  • Improving mental and physical state of the family unit
  • Increasing communication and awareness of one another’s needs
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Gaining greater empathy toward one another
  • Improving anger management
  • Preventing substance use from spread throughout the family

Giving Family Therapy Your Best

For family therapy to work best, it requires more than just showing up. You must do the work both during and after your scheduled sessions. For example, you may be given assignments as part of therapy, such as communicating with each other differently. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your family therapy:

  • Be an active listener: To be an active listener means that you’ll need to make an effort to listen carefully, ask appropriate questions, and be open and honest with your therapist.
  • Reflect on your sessions. After each session, take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and feelings. This process can help you better process what you learned and better prepare for the next session.
  • Practice self-care. Family therapy takes time and energy, and it’s best to approach each session with a healthy mindset. To this end, it’s essential to fuel your body with the right food and manage stress, so you have a clear head.

Help for Families at Red Oak Recovery®

At Red Oak Recovery®, we offer a variety of addiction therapies, including family therapy programs. These treatment options may be holistic, meaning that the treatment treats the mind, body, and soul. They may also be evidence-based, meaning that scientists have proven that these methods work. Your treatment options may include:

We know that addiction affects the entire family. As part of our family program, we take into account the role of parenting and family relationships in addiction recovery and create the opportunity for families to find their way back to each other. At Red Oak Recovery®, our goal is to help you overcome your addiction and rebuild your relationships with your family. To this end, we treat several addictions, including:

To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, contact us online or call Red Oak Recovery® at 866.457.7590.