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Can a Men’s Drug Rehab Center in Rye, NY Get You Treatment?

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Can a Men’s Drug Rehab Center in Rye, NY Get You Treatment?

Men and women have separate needs when they’re searching for a drug rehab center. A men’s drug rehab center in Rye, NY may not recognize those needs. However, when you contact Red Oak Recovery®, you’ll discover that our men’s drug rehab center could be the answer to all your problems. We realize that you have unique needs, and we strive to meet those needs. Contact Red Oak Recovery® today to learn more about your treatment options. 

Why Would I Need a Men’s Drug Rehab Center in Rye, NY?

Many drug rehab centers do not have a men’s drug rehab center. However, there are several benefits to a men’s only rehab center. For instance, a men’s drug rehab center removes many female-related distractions. If you’re struggling with the intense and uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal, the temptation may be overwhelming for you to begin a relationship. You may also be uneasy around women. Either way, a men’s drug rehab center removes both issues from the equation. 

Additionally, a men’s drug rehab center can focus on problems that only concern men. Issues that you may struggle with may include aggression, masculinity, and abuse. You also don’t have to focus on women’s problems, such as pregnancy. 

Finally, you can build friendships with other men who struggle with the same issues you do. Together, you can support each other. Also, you can be honest about the problems you’re trying to work through in a less vulnerable setting. 

What Therapy Options Does Red Oak Recovery® Offer?

A men’s drug rehab center in Rye, NY may not be able to offer the therapy or treatment options you need. However, at Red Oak Recovery® in Asheville, NC, we offer a variety of treatment options for every individual. For instance, we offer:

  • Experiential therapy: In experiential therapy, you get hands-on experience where you’ll learn about what you’re capable of, through a variety of activities. These activities may include yoga, expressive art, zip-lining, and ropes courses. 
  • Behavioral therapy: During behavioral therapy, you and a therapist will identify how your thoughts and feelings affect your actions. Then, you can work on creating healthier coping mechanisms and stress-relieving techniques. 
  • Trauma therapy: Many addictions are rooted in trauma. When you attend trauma therapy, you and a counselor will work through these issues to figure out the root cause of your addiction. Then, you can begin the healing process. 
  • Nutritional therapy: At a nutritional therapy program, we encourage you to eat healthy and nutritious meals. This helps you heal from the poor eating habits you may have picked up during your addiction.

Choose Red Oak Recovery®

A men’s drug rehab center in Rye, NY may not have many of the options Red Oak Recovery® offers. Don’t you owe it to yourself to give yourself the best shot at recovery possible? If you want to learn more about your treatment options or the men’s drug rehab program at Red Oak Recovery®, don’t wait. Contact us today at 866.457.7590. You can get on the path to sobriety with a simple phone call. Begin your new life today.