how to stop procrastinatingprocrastinationstop procrastinatinghow to stop procrastinating
We all procrastinate from time to time — whether you put off cleaning your room or wait until the last minute to pay your cell bill. But fighting the temptation to procrastinate can help you start living a more productive lifestyle. And it’s not about being perfect, but feeling empowered and in control of your new sober lifestyle.
Try one of these practical strategies to stop procrastinating and to get things done today.
  • Put it to paper. Take that mental list of all of things that need to get done and plot it out on paper. This will not only help to clear your mind and ease anxiety but it will help keep you on schedule.
  • Take advantage of mornings. Do you typically put off daunting tasks until later in the day? While this can be tempting, you may consider another approach. Try arranging your to-do list according to difficulty level – and then tackle any tough tasks in the a.m. when you most likely have the most mental and physical energy.
  • Think baby steps. It’s natural to procrastinate when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The solution: Think of one small step you can take today to get started. This will help give you the momentum to reach your goal.
  • Loop in your loved ones. Telling friends and family about your short-and long-term goals can help you stay on task. This is because you’ll have someone there to hold you accountable – and you’ll be more likely to follow through (and on time).
Life Skills at Red Oak
From day one, our treatment model prepares young adults with the skills needed to succeed in sobriety and in life after rehab, including the ability to set and meet goals. To learn more about how you can start on your journey toward sobriety, call us today: 866.457.7590. 


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