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Dangers of College Drinking You Can’t Ignore

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Dangers of College Drinking You Can’t Ignore

Over the years, college students have gotten a reputation as heavy drinkers. While this problem has changed for the better over the years, there are still many in college who drink far more than they should almost every day. As a result, it is essential to understand the dangers of college drinking and how these problems can last a person’s whole life. Doing so can make it easier for a student to know when they have a problem and give them the strength to reach out for professional rehabilitation help. At Red Oak Recovery®, individuals can find the support they need to prevent alcohol use disorder from taking hold and leading to dependency or addiction. Also, college students can find the addiction therapy services they need to avoid turning to and using substances like alcohol in the first place.

The Most Common Dangers of College Drinking

The cliché of the alcoholic college student is a sad reality for millions of people. Studies have found that well over half to three-quarters of all college students drink heavily. This problem is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly because the dangers of college drinking can be massive. The following risks are among the most persistent and problematic some may experience.

Educational Problems

Alcohol abuse for college students doesn’t look much different than it does for adults. When a college student drinks heavily and becomes addicted to alcohol, they may spend most of their time drunk or trying to get drunk. The same is true for binge drinking adults and long-term functional alcoholics. But for college students, as a result of this alcohol abuse, their school work may suffer, and they may struggle to finish their classes. Unfortunately, this could have life-altering effects, such as making it more difficult for them to find a job because they do not have a college degree.

Legal Troubles

Many college students are at that age where they feel invincible and capable of handling anything life throws at them. As a result, they may end up getting into legal trouble by drinking and driving or performing other questionable acts when drunk. The dangers of college drinking are particularly serious, here, because these legal problems may plague a person for most of their life without getting alcohol addiction treatment.

Health Dangers

Heavy drinking is not sustainable for a person’s body – remember, alcohol is a poison. As a result, heavy college drinkers may end up damaging their bodies in many ways. Liver and kidney problems, heart issues, weight gain, and much more may all impact them. And though their youth may protect them some from these dangers, their persistence may result in severe hazards later in life.

Persistent Addiction Problems

Lastly, the dangers of college drinking often climax with a young adult needing rehab before they finish school or after they graduate. That’s because alcohol is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. As a result, heavy college drinkers may find that they can’t put their drinks down as an adult and end up suffering many life problems that can only be managed with great rehab programs.

We Can Help You or a Loved One

As you can see, the dangers of college drinking must be adequately managed with a rehab program that cares. And when you call 866.457.7590 to contact us at Red Oak Recovery®, you get access to an incredible level of treatment options. For example, our adventure therapy program is highly acclaimed and accessible to many of our clients. So please verify your insurance and reach out to us today to set up your care. You won’t regret making this life-changing decision.