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Benefits of Seeking Psychotherapy for Addiction

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Benefits of Seeking Psychotherapy for Addiction

Today, many people living with addiction have co-occurring disorders, which means their mental health affects their addiction and vice versa. Many think addiction exists in a bubble, unaffected by life circumstances or brain chemistry. In reality, addiction is often a symptom of deeper trauma, wounds, and stress. In fact, addiction often arises from self-medicating and self-soothing for untreated mental health disorders, stress, and unresolved trauma. Today, psychotherapy is increasingly common and successful in addiction treatment.

If you or a young man in your life could benefit from psychotherapy for addiction, call Red Oak Recovery® today. Learn more about our programs for men ages 18-30 by calling 866.457.7590.

What Happens in Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy uses psychological methods to facilitate change. Once considered the branch of science that treated diseases of the mind, psychotherapy now helps people create healthy change and manage the daily stresses of modern life. Psychotherapy encompasses several branches and methods to help people overcome communication problems, behavioral patterns, and complexes. It can help uncover and heal childhood trauma and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Most often, psychotherapy happens between a single therapist and a client. Individual therapy is a type of talk therapy. During treatment, the client speaks with a therapist for 60 or 90 minutes at a time, and a therapist helps you connect patterns, behaviors, and fears of the client. They work together to develop coping mechanisms, behavioral changes, and new perspectives.

Benefits of Psychotherapy for Addiction

Psychotherapy is standard in modern addiction recovery programs. Clients can meet with therapists multiple times a week in individual, group, and family therapy settings. Furthermore, intensive psychotherapy can uncover old wounds and root causes of addiction. Psychotherapists in recovery centers diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders to reduce the risk of relapse after rehab. Addiction therapists have worked with many people living with addiction. Therefore, they can normalize addiction and provide a new perspective to those going through recovery. For many in rehab, a non-judgemental person to talk to can jumpstart recovery.

During residential rehab, people see a psychotherapist daily. Over time, they may see a therapist a few times a week and then weekly as they gain independence and successfully implement tools learned in therapy in their daily lives.

Do You Need Psychotherapy for Addiction?

There are a few reasons someone shouldn’t consider trying psychotherapy, especially for addiction. Here are some reasons psychotherapy may be right for you:

  • You glamorize past drug or alcohol abuse
  • You struggle with anger rumination
  • You’re a survivor of sexual assault
  • You have suffered traumatic injury or illness
  • You’re a survivor of natural disaster or community trauma
  • You have gone through rehab before
  • You often feel you have no one to talk to

Psychotherapy is not a quick fix. Psychotherapists work with clients over an extended period to create lasting change in their lives.

Experience the Benefits of Psychotherapy at Red Oak Recovery® Today

Therapy is an increasingly popular modality. People from all walks of life meet with therapists every day. If you or a young man in your life could use support, Red Oak Recovery® is here. Our North Carolina addiction treatment center helps young men dealing with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Young adult men come to Red Oak Recovery® to disconnect from life stress and reconnect with nature.

We pair wilderness therapy with traditional psychotherapy and medically assisted detox. Our holistic approach helps men build resilience, develop coping mechanisms, and address harmful cultural expectations that lead to addiction. Come to Red Oak Recovery® for mental health support and stay in the wilderness. Learn more about what Red Oak Recovery® can do for you by calling 866.457.7590 to learn about our psychotherapy services for young men.