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What to Expect From Alcohol Rehab

If you’re ready to break free from alcohol addiction, you’ll benefit from professional support. It’s important to understand that when selecting a rehab program there are two main options. These include inpatient and outpatient programs. That said, if you have an alcohol problem, you’ll benefit from knowing what to expect at an alcohol rehab.

Alcohol Rehab Typically Begins With an Intake Assessment

Most of the time, incoming clients heading to alcohol rehab have already gone through detox. It’s important to begin rehabilitation while sober. Often, the drug rehab intake process begins with a physical and mental evaluation. These assessments are how rehab facilities determine which treatment programs are best for you. Therefore, it’s important to be honest and in-depth about your addiction.

For some clients, mental health problems pose significant concerns. For others, there are serious physical health issues requiring management. Some clients have lifestyle preferences or family needs that need to be met. Above all, an intake counselor considers these factors before choosing the right alcohol addiction treatment for you.

Routine and Schedule

While every rehab program is different, you should expect a daily, scheduled routine. Many people struggling with alcohol addiction are overwhelmed by too much free time. The more stressed you are, the more severe your temptations will be. To avoid relapsing, a set schedule is crucial.

Additionally, you can expect set meal times, which establish healthy eating habits and nutrition. You can also expect specific activities and therapies morning and afternoon. Getting into a routine helps you stay on track. You’ll soon find returning to old habits more difficult.

24/7 Support

One of the best things about opting for rehab treatment is the support. Qualified professionals will monitor your medical, psychological, and emotional needs each day. If a complication arises, you’ll have access to immediate assistance. On the long, winding road to recovery, this is especially important.

Above all, a great alcohol rehab program has medical professionals on staff everyday. Clients feel safe and secure in their environment, and their loved ones enjoy peace of mind as well.

Opportunities for Social Interaction

Social and peer interaction is an important aspect of successful rehab as well. At Red Oak Recovery®, there are two gender-specific campuses roughly 45 miles apart from one another. Fortunately, gender separation encourages more social interaction, because many clients feel more comfortable. Overall, they’re able to be themselves and thus become vulnerable in a safe space.

Social interaction is also prevalent in group therapy and often takes place while sharing meals. With plenty of opportunities to relax, unwind, or pursue a new hobby in a beautiful, communal environment, conquering addiction is much easier.

Wide Range of Therapies and Treatment Methods

At Red Oak Recovery®, clients have access to diverse therapies and treatment methods. A comprehensive plan for your individual needs may include:

• Behavioral therapies including cognitive and dialectical
• Narrative therapy
• Nutritional therapy
• 12 step addiction recovery programs
• Holistic Therapy including yoga and acupuncture
• Group, individual and family therapy

Knowing what to expect from alcohol rehab encourages you to take the next step. Begin the journey to recovery at Red Oak Recovery® in Leicester, North Carolina. You’ll find the right program for your personal sobriety. Permanently overcome alcohol addiction by calling 866-457-7590 today.