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Therapeutic Recreation and Pain Relief

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Therapeutic Recreation and Pain Relief

North Carolina is one of the many US states struggling with an opioid epidemic. Individuals in recovery may experience pain while working toward sobriety. Thankfully, rehabilitation facilities are beginning to use therapeutic recreation to combat pain. Understanding how it works may ease your addiction treatment apprehensions, especially if you regularly deal with chronic pain.

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

A young woman breathes in fresh air during therapeutic recreationTherapeutic recreation takes place in the fresh outdoor air. It restores and rehabilitates independence. Additionally, it promotes health and wellness to eliminate former lifestyle limitations. This is extremely important when in recovery because it establishes coping methods for remaining sober.

Additionally, recreational therapists offer various community-based activities and techniques to improve individual needs during therapy. By incorporating interests into specific treatment plans, optimal recovery outcomes are likely.

How Therapeutic Recreation Helps

Therapeutic recreation is about your personal needs. Recreational therapists have unique perspectives regarding individual needs. Overall, they’re able to offer meaningful, relevant treatment methods. Above all, they understand how important improving life skills and independence is for those in recovery.

Often, many individuals pursuing therapeutic recreation notice physical health improvement. Psychosocial status improves as well as healthy brain functioning. Therefore, individuals are able to enjoy recreational activities, raising dopamine levels, and leading to newfound happiness. Above all, therapeutic recreation works by drawing an individual away from pain and giving them the opportunity to improve mobility despite it.

When To Seek Treatment

If adventure therapy sounds like something of interest, what better time to seek treatment than now. Whether you’re a North Carolina resident or living in the surrounding areas, there’s no reason to postpone the journey ahead. Fortunately, at a professional rehab facility, you’ll be able to focus on conquering harmful habits that perpetuate your addiction. You’ll also learn necessary, useful skills to begin sober living.

Red Oak Recovery® in Leicester, NC is a young adult addiction treatment facility with qualified, professional staff in a gender-separate setting. Red Oak Recovery® fully tailors treatment programs to fit the personal needs of each individual. We offer the following comprehensive addiction treatment programs at our facility:

  • Dual Diagnosis Program
  • Trauma-informed Clinical Team
  • Eco-therapy
  • Gardening
  • Men’s and Women’s Programs

The best time to get clean is now. Don’t wait a minute longer. Take your first step on the road to a healthier tomorrow. Call 866-457-7590 today to see how Red Oak Recovery® helps you achieve your therapeutic recreation goals.