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Schizophrenia Treatment Center

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Schizophrenia is a chronic condition that can affect how someone feels, thinks, and acts. When someone has schizophrenia, they may appear to lose touch with reality. A schizophrenia treatment center can help clients learn more about their condition, medications, and therapy options. With a schizophrenia treatment center in North Carolina, clients can get the care they need. Unfortunately, there is no true cure for this condition. Scientists believe that schizophrenia may be due to environmental factors like malnutrition before birth, virus exposure, and psychosocial factors. Since schizophrenia often runs in families, the condition seems to have a genetic component. Scientists think that environmental factors and a genetic predisposition must be present for someone to develop schizophrenia. Some scientists also believe that an imbalance in the brain’s structure, neurotransmitters, or chemistry may be responsible for schizophrenia. The way the brain develops before birth may play a role in the condition. No matter what causes mental illness, a schizophrenia treatment center can help people return to a normal lifestyle.

What Are the Signs of Schizophrenia?

There are a number of signs people can look for to see if they or a loved one has schizophrenia. Normally, people develop these a group therapy session at schizophrenia treatment centersymptoms between the ages of 16 and 30. Individuals may develop agitated body movements, delusions, or hallucinations. They may also suffer from dysfunctional or unusual ways of thinking. The individual may also deal with emotional and behavioral changes. They may lose pleasure in everyday life and find it difficult to begin an activity. The individual may speak less. Loved ones may notice a flat, unemotional expression or vocal tone. The client will notice changes to their cognitive state. Often, the individual may lose executive function like the ability to make decisions or to understand information. They may also have problems with their memory. Over time, they may lose the ability to use the information right after they learn it.

How Does a Schizophrenia Treatment Center Help?

Through a schizophrenia treatment center in North Carolina, clients can find support through a variety of treatments and therapies. Since there is no cure for schizophrenia, the treatment goal is to eliminate the disease’s symptoms as much as possible. This may involve taking medication, going to talk therapy or getting family support. At a schizophrenia treatment center, clients will go through an initial evaluation. The center will determine the client’s condition and any co-occurring disorders that they may have. Often, people with one mental illness will also have another mental illness or an addiction. At the mental health treatment center, clients will get care for all of their mental health and substance use disorders. Many clients take antipsychotic medication to deal with schizophrenia symptoms. This medication may be in a pill or liquid form. Sometimes, clients can take a medication just once or twice a month as an injection. The schizophrenia treatment center may also offer psychosocial treatments to help the client cope with everyday challenges. When people receive psychosocial treatment, they are less likely to have a relapse. They are also less likely to have a hospitalization.

Getting the Treatment You Need

Whether you suffer from schizophrenia or a substance use disorder, the right treatment center can help. At the best treatment centers, clients can find dual diagnosis care that treats all diagnoses at the same time. Through this kind of program, clients can discover the best chances of recovering from their mental illness or addiction. During the treatment process, clients can get support with options such as:

No one has to deal with schizophrenia or an addiction alone. At an addiction and schizophrenia treatment center, clients can get the help they need. Learn more about mental health treatment at 866.457.7590.