What Are Some Symptoms of Anxiety?

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What Are Some Symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety affects people of all ages every day. Stressful lives, social expectations, and fear of failure contribute to anxiety in people across the United States. Unfortunately, this mental health disorder is rarely discussed. In fact, many people believe that stress and anxiety are normal, as a part of daily life that is unavoidable. Anxiety, however, is treatable. Here are common signs and symptoms that it may be time to seek an anxiety treatment program.

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Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotional, physical, and mental experience. When someone suffers from an anxiety disorder, their nervous system becomes dysregulated, elevating their heart rate, making them feel nervous, and making it hard to rationalize. This dysregulation keeps the body in either fight, flight, or freeze mode. This reaction is the body’s natural response to life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, anxiety does not occur during life-threatening conditions. Instead, anxiety focuses on the past or future.

Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

When a person feels anxious, they ruminate about the past or the future. Their body goes through various symptoms in a heightened state of arousal. Common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Tension headaches
  • Feeling nervous or a sense of danger
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Hyperventilation
  • Sweating
  • Trembling and shaking
  • Weak muscles and exhaustion
  • Difficulty concentrating and sleeping

Once someone’s anxiety is triggered, it’s difficult to calm the nervous system. During moments of anxiety or panic attacks, a person will struggle to be in the present moment, feel their body, and regulate their breathing.

Holistic Approaches to Treating Anxiety Symptoms

Many people try to avoid anxiety. For some, this approach may work. However, most people should seek professional treatment for anxiety. Here are some holistic approaches to reducing anxiety at home and helping you and your family return to the present moment.

Drinking Less Coffee

Caffeine can mimic and enhance anxiety symptoms. Drinking less coffee can reduce anxiety triggers and help the nervous system re-regulate more quickly once triggered.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is essential to combating anxiety. Because anxiety starts with ruminating on the past or future, returning to the present moment eases anxiety. Mindful practices help people connect to the present moment, often through breathwork. For many people, mindful exercise and meditation can relieve anxiety and help them understand the roots of their anxiety.

Eat, Sleep, and Learn to Recognize Potential Triggers

Nutrition and sleep hygiene can affect anxiety. By recognizing and understanding food intolerances, diet, and overall health, people can spot anxiety patterns in their life. For many, work or school can be a source of anxiety. Recognizing and understanding these triggers can help people practice mindfulness before and during triggering activities. Exercise, especially outside, can help promote healthy sleep habits and reduce anxiety by processing adrenaline.

Seek Holistic Anxiety Treatment Programs for Men in Asheville, North Carolina

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