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What Are Relapse Triggers?

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What Are Relapse Triggers?

It’s exciting to know that the stigma is beginning to change surrounding addiction and addiction treatment. These days, more and more individuals are seeking help from professionals for addiction. If you’re looking for strategies that will facilitate long-term recovery, now is the time to recognize the role that relapse triggers can play in slowing down your progress. Learn more about what relapse triggers for men are and how relapse prevention therapy can help keep you on track.

What Are Relapse Triggers for Men?

Relapse triggers for men are experiences, people, or things that cause one to crave drug use. These triggers fall under several key groups, including environmental, mental, and emotional. Here are three relatively common triggers and strategies you can use to avoid or overcome them:

1. Times Of Celebration

While one might think that a time of celebration would be enjoyable, for those in recovery it’s not always the case. In fact, the reality of celebrations giving rise to parties where drugs and alcohol may be present makes festive seasons a potential source of trouble. Since the commitments to office parties and family events are hard to avoid, it’s important to have several strategies ready. These will prevent celebrations from becoming your downfall.

2. Relationship Challenges

As experts who work within the field of relapse prevention know, relationship challenges can be the springboard for a return to the world of drugs or alcohol. The relationship can involve a working partnership, friendship, marriage, or family member. When these relationships involve verbal or mental abuse, you may feel drawn back into the world of drugs or alcohol as a source of comfort. One great way to prevent relationship challenges from facilitating a return to illicit substances is by calling a mentor or 12-step sponsor. This is a great way to ensure that you maintain at least one relationship that prevents trigger relapses from becoming a normative element of your life.

3. Success In The Professional World

Oftentimes, individuals look at signs of professional success and use them as proof that there is no substantive, ongoing issue with an illicit substance. Don’t let this happen. Instead, acknowledge that professional advancement can transpire, even as you grapple with drug dependence behind the scenes. As you experience vocational success, continue attending meetings, talking to counselors, and using whatever other resources are available to you to address and resolve the lingering issues created by drug dependence.

Should I Obtain Relapse Prevention Services?

Yes. Any individual who recognizes that relapse triggers for men cause stagnation and other difficulties in their recovery process should consider the value of obtaining excellent therapy services. These services provide assistance and encouragement from treatment professionals. One thing to consider when you start searching for the right relapse prevention center is whether they offer comprehensive services. In addition to counseling services, you’ll want to find addiction treatment programs that offer most or all of the following:

  • Dual diagnosis services
  • Group counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Exercise therapy

Red Oak Recovery®

If you know that relapse triggers for men are slowing you down, face the problem head-on. To effectively deal with these triggers, you need professional treatment services. By contacting the professionals of Red Oak Recovery®, you can begin the addiction therapy services you need. Contact Red Oak Recovery® now at 866-457-7590 to begin your recovery process.