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Understanding Men and Depression

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Understanding Men and Depression

Men and depression can be a difficult combination. Male depression is a serious condition, but many men ignore it. While they might experience all of the symptoms of depression, they may refuse to get rehab treatment or stay in denial about the problem.

How Men and Depression Work

When a man suffers from depression, he may feel isolated, irritable, or withdrawn. Men and depression may appear differently than when women have depression. Many men use unhealthy coping techniques to mask their depression. They may resort to using drugs or drinking alcohol to feel better temporarily.

Like any mental illness for any person, the combination of men and depression can lead to additional problems if the man does not get help. While depression generally gets better with treatment, it can cause devastating consequences without a diagnosis.

The Signs and Symptoms Connected to Men and Depression

When a man suffers from depression, he may try to escape his feelings by working more or spending more time at the gym. He may resort to drug or alcohol abuse to cope. Loved ones may notice that the man engages in risky or abusive behavior more often. He may also show symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping at night
  • Sadness or hopelessness
  • No longer enjoying activities he once loved
  • Social isolation

Unfortunately, men with depression may not get the right diagnosis. They may not recognize that their symptoms are actually from depression. Sometimes, the main symptoms are things like digestive issues, chronic pain, or headaches. The man may think that these symptoms are from a different problem.

Men may also feel reluctant about sharing their symptoms. Society expects men to have self-control and be less emotional. Because of this, the man may wrongly think that sharing his symptoms is a sign of weakness.

In some cases, the man might downplay his symptoms. He may not realize how much the symptoms affect his life. Unfortunately, ignoring these symptoms can catalyze negative coping behaviors that mask the depression.

The Connection Between Depression and Addictions

Substance use has a strong connection to depression. Many people who suffer from an addiction also have a co-occurring mental health disorder. The addiction masks the symptoms of the mental illness. For the individual, alcohol and drugs provide a temporary escape and a momentary mood boost.

Unfortunately, this connection can make it challenging to stay sober. If the individual only receives help for their addiction, they leave rehab without the right tools to prevent a relapse. When symptoms of depression return, the individual may feel tempted to use again to cope with their depression.

At depression treatment programs in North Carolina, individuals can get the help they need for addictions and depression. Men can get the counseling, rehab support, and treatment they need to enjoy a healthy life. The right young adult rehab programs can help young men take the first step toward recovery and managing their depression. With the right treatment program, clients can find options such as:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Hybrid programs with an outdoor wilderness component
  • Trauma-informed clinical teams
  • Experiential eco-therapy and gardening
  • Family therapy and counseling
  • Depression, grief, and mental health treatment
  • Clinical rehabilitation

You do not have to let depression or an addiction control your entire life. Through the right treatment program, you can overcome mental and substance use disorders. Discover how Red Oak Recovery® can help you take charge of your life by calling us today at 866-457-7590.